5 Minute Guide To Getting A Job Working In Social Media [Infographic]

Over the years, there has been a huge increase in the number of people who immerse themselves in social media. So many in fact that more and more people are pursuing a career in it. This is good because it spirals social media into a popular form of communication, but bad because there are so many people seemingly clueless how social media really works. If you want to pursue a career in social media, you could benefit from taking a look at this 5 minute guide.

I believe the most common profession within social media is actually consultation. As a consultant, you would basically help companies and brands with their social media presence. You’d help them build a following that is both active and engaging. It’s a demanding job that takes a lot of engaging and monitoring. That’s why this 5 minute guide could come in handy. It could be quite rewarding to work within social media because there are still too many companies that neglect social media altogether as an important venue to engage with customers and announce new services and products.

I saw a quite inspiring keynote held by Scott Stratten about his experience with Delta, and he is spot on describing why social media, and especially social networking, is such a vital aspect for brands these days. I agree with Mr. Stratten 100% when it comes to your presence on social media. You have to be authentic, but also fast. If you can prove to potential clients that you are both authentic and fast, you will most likely be their first choice if they want to establish a positive image and presence in social media.

There is nothing worse than a brand that ignores its customers, and that’s why you’d do well in having at least a glance at this 5 minute guide before pursuing a career in social media. The infographic is called The 5 Minute Guide To Getting A Job In Social Media, and it’s presented by mindflash. It outlines a number of factors and information about how you could make sure your career in social media becomes as successful as possible. The competition is fierce, never forget that, so being on top of your game will most likely be vital if you have any hope in making it big working in social media.

Scott Stratten – The Importance Of Speed In Social Media

mindflash’s 5 Minute Guide To Working In Social Media

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