5 Must-Read Magazines On Entrepreneurship, SEO & Affiliate Marketing

What are the best magazines around on entrepreneurship, SEO and affiliate marketing? Surprisingly there are only a handful of magazines that focus on affiliate marketing and search engine optimization while entrepreneurship is the buzz word that has many magazines dedicated to the topic.

The big problem with entrepreneur focused magazines is they have too much fluff, more inspirational stories but nothing that you can learn from and put into action. Of course, there are just as many websites and blogs dedicated to these topics but blogs these days are almost a dime a dozen unless you happen to have a top ranking blog.

Presenting 5 must-read magazines that focus on the topics for entrepreneurs, to learn about search engine optimization and affiliate marketing.

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1. Commission Magazine

Commission Magazine is a fresh new magazine that launched in early 2019 and is focused first and foremost on affiliate marketing. This affiliate marketing magazine covers case studies on affiliate websites and has many articles on search engine optimization. You’ll find some stories from entrepreneurs but otherwise has a mix of content that is practical but also inspirational. The first issue features articles from Dan Ray whom launched his own white-hat link building courses and an interview from Erik Bergman from Great.com.

2. PAGES – An SEO Magazine

Pages is a few years into their publication and shockingly there aren’t many magazines around dedicated to search engine optimization! In a short period of time, PAGES has established itself as a quality SEO magazine with many expert authors and insightful case studies. Pages ships their magazines for free for those in the USA, Canada and United Kingdom. Some shipping charges may apply for all other countries.

3. FeedFront

FeedFront is the magazine that is directly connected with the Affiliate Summit conferences. The magazine has been going strong since launching in 2008. The co-founders of Affiliate Summit are Shaun Collins and Missy Ward. Their events are now featured all over the globe and are part of the company Clarion Events Limited which hosts business and affiliate marketing conferences around the world.

FeedFront has a wide collection of articles from almost every industry within affiliate marketing and from affiliates, affiliate managers and business owners.

4. Foundr

This magazine probably leans a little too heavy on the inspirational stories but the magazine has an authentic feel unless other magazines like Entrepreneur or Forbes. Those magazines like Entrepreneur and Forbes have a very corporate feel and are run by people that get a steady paycheck and are not entrepreneurs themselves. Foundr is actually a cool story as the founder himself Nathan Chan totally jumped into the deep end of the pool and tried his luck on this magazine.

His journey in starting his magazine is well documented as he has done numerous podcasts and interviews talking about the struggles early on in the launch all the way to where Foundr is today as a massive and influential media business. Although they are branching out into courses, their magazine is still their flagship brand and product. Foundr magazine really took off when Nathan Chan was fortunate enough to be granted an interview with Sir Richard Branson and really the rest is history.

The first Richard Branson magazine interview put the magazine on the map and they haven’t looked back ever since. They even offer a free print copy of their Branson issue, just visit their website, jump through a few hoops to register and you’ll eventually be able to get your free copy of the magazine in the mail.

5. iGB Affiliate Magazine

iGB Affiliate Magazine has been running for 10+ years and this magazine is focused on the online gambling industry for affiliate marketers. The magazine contains many articles on the latest changes when it comes to gaming laws around the world. The magazine often has case studies and articles on search engine optimization and what igaming affiliates have to deal with which is unlike any other industry within affiliate marketing. Online gambling is considered the wealthiest industry within affiliate marketing as you can imagine affiliates earning up to $400 in CPA for commissions, try to beat that Amazon Affiliates.

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