5 Reasons To Migrate Your Magento Store To Magento 2.0

The basis for any e-commerce is a website or a platform that hosts it. Hence, selecting a platform according to the needs of your product is crucial. Whether your business is about to take off or at its peak, Magento development company will come in handy to support any needs.

There are several reasons why this e-commerce platform gained popularity and undeniable superiority over its rivals. Initially, Magento 1 attracted the attention of users who were beginners. It was an easy start for someone wanting to take off quickly. The growing needs of businesses created the need for more features and functions. Hence, Magento 2.0 release became a solution. So, how can your business benefit from it, and why should it?

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1. Improved Speed

Unlike Magento 1, the upgraded version offers its customers a faster page loading experience. It was a natural decision to improve its performance due to the increase of features. As a result, this version gives you more orders processed in one hour, quicker check-out time, and increased time of response for browning the catalog.

2. Extensions

While the Magento 1 version experienced an unfortunate situation with extensions conflicting, the new version came with the solution. Previously, some extensions were not working well together and tried to go against each other. It was carefully considered and fixed with the help of introducing Require.js and other technologies. Now the time spent on installing extensions and the prices are more than friendly to the users and their wallets.

3. Powerful Dashboard

The improved dashboard is another reason for a switch. The speed of the platform is impressive and it navigates from one section to another in a blink of an eye. As to the functionality of the panel, it can be described as comprehensive. It contains all the needed sections with vital information about the business. It shows everything about orders (last, lifetime, average), and gives terms used for search most often. It is not an exhaustive list of functions. You can also get the chart with the stats on customers like new ones and returning.

4. Safety Issue

If you take security seriously, it is high time to think about a migration service that will aid you with switching to Magento 2.0. Since Magento 1 was designed some time ago, its features are not all threat-proof. Besides, the support of the version will be out of service soon. The security of the new version is flawless and promising. It includes two-factor authentication and more.

5. Better SEO Experience

If there is one deciding reason why a switch to this platform is worth it, SEO features fall under that category. It is ready to use the platform when it comes to your SEO strategy. The dashboard includes dozens of features. Separate SEO & Search and SEO Extended categories give you all the needed data.

They include search terms, synonyms, sitemap, URL rewrites, let you manage category filters, and more. One of the main things to mention is that unlike Magento 1, here you will not need extra help setting everything up. To know more about types of assistance use this link https://elogic.co/services/magento-2-migration/.

While many users are standing aside to avoid changes, they are inevitable. More technologies mean the need to acquire new skills of managing it. However, it has a silver lining that drives success. The imported functionality and dashboard of the platform lets you work quicker and find better solutions to satisfy the clients.

It is a smart investment into the future of the store. Magento 2.0 is particularly good for large businesses due to its multifunctionality and quality. Yet, smaller businesses can get a huge advantage over their competitors by acquiring modern-day technology.

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