5 Reasons You May Need To Switch Your IT Support Company

Whether big or small, businesses know how vital it is to have an IT Support company to help them operate. It’s one way to stay competitive in the constant evolution of technology. Most clients would always prefer a company with advanced technology and a modernized system as it’s more convenient.

Moreover, having IT Support in your company makes it easier for you to collect essential data to help you in every decision making. However, the benefits of IT Support will also depend on how cooperative and optimal their services are.

Hiring the right IT support company that actually cares, such as IT Support Sydney, is an excellent way to get the best professional Support. You set aside a large portion of your company budget for technology services, and it must be put at a reasonable cost. If problems such as network outages, lost records, or even hacked data arise, it can be a great annoyance to your company as it messes up your system. If ignored, these may escalate to large issues and affect every facet of your business.

It’s understandable how technology is not always perfect, and unforeseen technological incidents do occur. But if your IT support company couldn’t handle these issues effectively, it may be time to switch to another IT support provider. Here are a few reasons you may need to change your IT support company and hire a new one.

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1. Unrecoverable Data

This is one of the biggest red flags that you have to watch out for. All businesses need their data to operate smoothly. Without it, your business is bound to fail, especially if your services solely rely on it. Once your IT support starts to fail in protecting your data continually, either from negligence or cyberattacks, and much worse, unrecoverable, it’s time to rethink their services.

Part of their primary function is to provide successful backup plans and data restoration once these incidents do happen in your company. If they can’t keep up with that function, it’s time to end your contract with them before their insufficiency ends your business.

2. Slow Response Times

It’s crucial for a company that their IT Support address their submitted issues fast and correctly. However, if you feel like you have to be the one constantly sending a follow-up before you get a response from them, it may be time to get out of their services.

Slow response times and failure to address technical issues on time only indicates that your IT Support is short-staffed and not adequately equipped to monitor and track systems. In case they are unable to resolve certain problems right away, they must be able to give you a time frame on when to expect a resolution. Your IT Support exists to support you in difficult times and not to put you in harder situations for a long time.

3. Mismatched Services And Constant Up-selling

Some IT Support Companies tend to offer services that work for them but do not necessarily work for you. This must not be the case. A practical IT Support must know how to customize their services to match your company’s needs. After all, part of their primary function is to maximize the company’s potential by assisting them in technological needs.

If your current IT Support keeps selling you new products and services without considering what your business actually needs, it may be a sign to switch your IT Support. Recommending additional products is not a bad thing. However, they must show proof that their new suggested product is better by providing you analytics of the low effectivity of the product you currently use. They may not have your best interests considered if they’re unable to give reasons for the purchase.

4. IT Support Is Not 24/7

Your company personnel may work until 5 in the afternoon only, but your data and network will still be running. Thus, it’s important that your IT support personnel must be available anytime too. Your company’s network may be used by your customers that work outside of business working hours or operate in different time zones. In case problems arise, it would be difficult to call for assistance if no IT personnel is available to assist. Such a scenario may result in poor customer service.

5. Lack Of Vision And Strategy

Your IT Support company must have its vision and strategy applied to help your business grow and evolve. They must actively help you navigate technology and provide assistance base on your business needs.

Failure to do so would result in your company receiving generalized solutions, which might not always fit your demand. Worst, some of them may not be able to answer your technical questions at all.

An effective IT Support must be knowledgeable and can assist with any problem. They must be flexible enough to tailor solutions that would resolve your concerns and help your business grow.

Bottom Line

If you fall into some of the above points given, this may be the right time to explain to them about your current concerns. Try to understand first everything they’re doing wrong to fully comprehend what you will need from your next IT Support company.

If they are still not doing anything to improve their service, don’t be intimidated to make the necessary change. Don’t compromise your business’s state for a poor IT Support service provider.

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