5 Basic Things To Have Before Getting Into Podcasting

Podcasting is a new content making medium that’s become popular recently on the internet. It is one of the fastest-growing industries and is considered the most effective way to reach audiences. Since the podcasting industry is on the rise, and you might be interested in how to start one of your own, we gathered five things to have before recording and producing your podcast.

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1. Your Brand

Creating a brand is the most essential step to start with. Before your podcasts are clicking on, a sort of visual communication between you and the audience will be triggered just by looking at the podcast cover page, which includes your name, subtitle, brand, and visuals.

Therefore, you need to pay attention when selecting these four: creating a brand with a good name, picking to-the-point subtitles, and excellent visuals conveying all three is the right starting point in creating your podcast.

2. Podcasting Equipment

If you are aiming for a good podcast, then work towards having proper recordings. Your phone can do the trick, but it might sound uncomfortable to people, thus investing in a mic is your best option.

Fellow podcast creators suggest you opt for affordable microphones that you can connect via Bluetooth, are compatible with all operating systems, and ones in which you can just plug and use; you need to make sure that it can do a great job in capturing voices when recording interviews.

You will need to find good software to record and edit solo and guest interviews. Keep in mind that a podcast is about the content, not the technology behind it, so do not invest too much in the software, just something that will produce a clean sound.

3. Your Podcast Intro + Outro Music

It is part of your branding and a critical element in your podcast. It will set the mood, build attention and excitement for your audience. You do not need to compose it yourself, instead find a friend who can help you or install a digital software.

The intro music will last about 30 seconds and should include the show name, host, and what it is about. The outro music should contain a “thank you for listening,” and how to subscribe and share the episode.

4. Website

No matter where you publish your podcasts, always have all your episodes on your own website; if you already have one, just add a new tab for podcasts. A website has several benefits such as more information about your audience, better means of communication with your fans, can increase your website traffic to include more than podcasts, and people tend to take website owners seriously.

5. Create Podcast Environment

Find a location to record! You need a quiet place where you can be yourself and talk freely. Interviewing guests for your podcast will not be a problem, as long as you have a portable mic and a laptop.

Podcasts are interesting for everyone to listen to while driving back and forth from work, doing household chores, and while working out. It is a pleasurable way to express yourself and feed your audience with insightful information.

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