5 Tips To Boost Your Email Marketing ROI

The advent of new marketing tools and technologies has led some marketers to believe that emails are a thing of the past. However, they couldn’t be more wrong. The fact of the matter is that email marketing has gained traction as a cost-effective, reliable, and convenient solution that can also boost a business’s ROI if done right. Research shows that for every $1 spent on email campaigns, marketers can earn $38 through email marketing.

SO if you’re looking to grow your business, expand into new markets and increase conversions, optimizing your email marketing strategy is a must. Following are a few tips you should follow that can boost your ROI.

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Figure Out What Time Works Best For Your Audience

Nowadays, with the increase in online businesses, consumers have subscribed to a ton of content that they probably receive daily in their mailboxes. While some of them may go into spam, many of those emails may get lost in the inbox. Don’t let your emails be among them.

This is why businesses need to know the right time for emailing their customers. A well-timed email marketing strategy can ensure that your emails aren’t being ignored and that your customers are opening and reading them. It can drive better engagement, ultimately increasing revenue.

Every business will have a particular hour or the best day of the week to receive the most engagement. To understand what works for your business, engage with your audience and observe when your audience is most active. If your target audience includes office-going people, lunchtime would be preferable to send emails. Similarly, evenings are the best times to send emails if your business targets a slightly younger audience.

Another good practice is to see which holidays matter the most to your audience, such as Mother’s Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc. You can plan and drive campaigns well in advance for these holidays and offer incentives like a sneak peek at exclusive content or a special pre-sale.

Pay Attention To Your Email Deliverability

The effectiveness of your email campaign depends on whether your emails end up in the inbox or the spam folder. Your emails may be flagged as spam and hence not visible to your audience. To ensure that spam filters do not capture your emails, avoid using language that can be a mistake as spam languages, such as using symbols or hashtags. Creating high-quality content and SEO optimization will also ensure that your emails stay at the top and are not mistaken as spam.

If you have a large business and often need to send out bulk emails, consider sending these emails through an email service provider.

Leverage Automation Tools

Email marketing automation makes it easy to create and send emails to customers without going over the entire process manually. Automating emails is especially important after trigger actions, such as when a customer stumbles on your website, makes a purchase, or abandons a shopping cart. For this purpose, you can use email marketing software tools like SendinBlue or ConstantContact.

Email marketing can allow marketers to focus on other marketing strategies and ensure they reach their customers in due time. Additionally, automating emails can also help marketers send bulk emails to boost the ROI of your email campaign by being more fast and efficient. When creating your email marketing campaign, use design templates that look great on both mobiles and desktops, and remember to compress images under each device.

Compel Your Audience To Take Action

Simply sending your customers newsletters isn’t enough. You have to tell them what action they have to take further if they are interested in the content. Many times, prospects are wholly interested in your email content but are confused about what action to take or where to go, so they end up exiting the email. Don’t let that happen with your email!

Include crisp and clear call-to-actions (CTAs) and have a different CTA for every function. For example, if you want to redirect your recipients to your website, choose a copy like “Visit our website to find out more.” Or, if you want your customers to engage with your store, you can write copy like “Check out the latest collection at our store.”

Whether you want to increase sales, boost your website traffic or motivate recipients to sign up for your newsletter, CTA’s are a brilliant way to promote engagement and conversions.

Make Your Email Content More Engaging

There is nothing more that motivates a reader to engage with a brand than interactive content. Your email copy is a reflection of your brand. It shows a glimpse of what customers can expect from your brand’s content. Giving them a chance to interact in the email can attract them to the brand’s website.

Adding videos, gifs, and interactive quizzes is a great way to boost engagement. It can give readers a visual to associate the content and encourages them to open different links in the email. A study revealed that videos could increase click-through rates by 22%.

To Conclude

Email marketing is a must-have option in your content marketing strategy and allows businesses to create personalized content that provides value to every customer segment. If you’re ready to use email marketing to your best advantage, leverage the tips given above to boost your business’s ROI through profit-driven strategies.

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