5 Tips To Grow Your Business With Explainer Videos

Do you know the fastest, most effective methods of advertising your business? A newspaper ad? No. A radio advertisement? No. The most effective way of reaching out to the masses is through audio-visuals. Video has become the most demanded type of electronic medium, showing enormous growth in recent years.

Brands, corporate’s or anyone, you are most visible through an audio-visual medium. Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram have algorithms that promote video over any other form of content. It is projected that by 2020 short mobile videos will be leading the electronic medium.

Live action to animation, videos come in many different shapes and sizes. We, today, focus on the section of videos that are called Explainer Videos. If you are a business owner, not yet convinced of the power of this visual medium, this article will help you understand why your business needs explainer videos.

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1. Attractive Video Presentation

According to CISION and other sources, various studies have found out that, while a lot of individuals spend a substantial amount of time on gazing the “screen”, their focus is way shorter. They need instant attraction and you have just got 7 – 10 seconds to give them something that will engage them.

This is a very short amount of time for simple graphics and presentations to do its job, you need video. 10 seconds in a video is a substantially good amount of time to grab your audience’s attention. So, don’t limit yourself to graphics, change it to an entertaining explainer video with the help of simpleshow video maker.

2. Explainer Video Is Specific

Not everything can be explained through a live action video. If you have a product, it is easy to shoot a video i.e a TVC or a digital ad and spread the news of your latest invention. But, if you are a service like a website or an advertising firm, making a live action video can be difficult to comprehend. An explainer video can easily come in here and help you and your business stand out.

3. Emotion

Animation can display strong emotions through its characters, which a lot of times other video mediums fail to do. All that audience is interested in is emotions and feelings. If your audience is able to connect with your product it will sell. Thus, explainer videos can be used to develop this connection and make your product engage your audience.

4. Example

One of the greatest examples of how explainer videos can be effective is Dropbox. A few years back when Dropbox started, on its website, it had nothing but an explainer video and download button. People, instead of looking at long pages of manuals, learned about its services through an entertaining and short video. This helped Dropbox grow significantly faster. What started with 0 has now more than a 5 million user base.

5. Better Way To Present

Explainer videos are the next step after the PPT presentation and slide shows. Your audience will not be entertained through the old presentation techniques, you need something fresh and explainer videos are just that. Got a business? Get Yourself an explainer video made quickly. We have tested the online video creator tool mysimpleshow and we strongly recommend it.

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