5 Tips For Promoting Your SaaS Company

When it comes to marketing a SaaS company, the appropriate methods and strategies are different to those of standard businesses. This is due to several reasons, including the fact that your audience is limited and the product itself is not tangible. There’s also an increasing amount of competition in the industry, making it tougher to stand out.

It’s because of these challenges that you need to know how to effectively promote your software as a service company. You only have so much to spend on marketing and you should ensure that every dollar counts. To aid in this effort, consider the following five tried-and-true tips for SaaS sales success.

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Improve Your Free Trials

It can be difficult for customers to determine whether they need your software or certain features without being able to try it. This is why most SaaS companies offer free trials. In doing so, you accomplish several things. Not only do you let prospects see the value in your product, but you can also collect their information and turn a visitor into a lead.

There’s no single ideal length for a free trial, though 14 days is the current standard. What details you ask for can vary depending on how well-known your brand is. For example, you might not want to ask for credit card details if your company is still unfamiliar to the public.

Generate Leads With Content Marketing

A popular way to bring in more leads among SaaS companies is via content marketing. Publishing quality content that is relevant to your audience has many benefits. It will increase traffic to your site, improve your credibility, and make it easier for potential customers to understand what exactly you offer.

Having an active blog that attracts organic traffic also serves as a crucial customer acquisition channel, which is key to the value of your business. If you haven’t already, now is a suitable time to learn about the way a software company is valued to ensure you have everything in order moving forward.

Optimize Your Website

You can start by looking into making your pages load faster. This is important for SaaS companies as your type of website is particularly vulnerable to loading issues due to the large amount of visual content that typically gets used. The recent introduction of Google’s Page Speed Insights has also made this factor essential for search engine rankings.

Another simpler reason to optimize your site is brand perception. It makes sense that potential buyers would stay away from software made by companies whose own websites don’t perform efficiently.

Implement A Referral System

One way to get your existing customers to promote your business for you is by establishing an affiliate program. There’s a good chance that your target audience interacts with like-minded people who would also be interested in the software you’re selling. By providing an incentive for them to bring others onboard, you can attract more paying customers.

Use Testimonials

For companies that already have a reasonable customer base, testimonials are a useful marketing strategy. They help to address your prospects’ pain points and build credibility, making leads more comfortable with converting.

To acquire your testimonials, simply send out an email to paying subscribers asking for feedback. This will not only bring in genuine content for your testimonials but can also inform you about how you can improve your software. In exchange for their effort, you can offer respondents a coupon or percentage off their next billing cycle.

There are many other components that you can add to your SaaS marketing strategy. Solutions abound, so don’t hesitate to get creative and see how you can bring in more buyers.

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