5 Top Most Important Interpersonal Skills

Working on a laptop or a drawing tablet doesn’t exclude the need to communicate with others. Once an applicant enters the corporate world, they join the cohort of highly competitive job seekers. Sure, your hard skills are the core of your resume. But once you win the job interview, time to showcase your interpersonal skills. In the end, an HR specialist needs a person who is a professional in their job and can build relationships with others.

Which are the top interpersonal skills everyone needs? How can one develop them? All this and more are in the article below.

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Why Are Interpersonal Skills Important?

Let us guess. You’ve filled in the Hard Skills part and are waiting for the recruiter’s feedback. Unfortunately, not everything is as simple as it sounds. Decades earlier, the recruiting firms did focus on the Hard Skills section. However, the business culture changed. Nowadays, a modern recruiter wants their candidate to have top Hard and Soft Skills. All because businesses consist of big teams, ready to make decisions together and cooperate.

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Presenting interpersonal skills during the job interview is a must because:

  • Communication is everything in any workplace. All work processes require discussion, empathy, and a readiness to compromise;
  • Non-verbal communication influences the efficiency of the decisions made remotely;
  • One’s ability to persuade the reader or listener attracts more customers and clients;
  • We all love cooperating with people who are open-minded and ready to listen;
  • Last but not least – organizations need leaders who care about others.

So, which components do the ‘interpersonal’ pack consist of? Check the answer below.

1. All Types Of Communication

Effective communication is a tool that gets the work done. An efficient employee knows how to explain their opinion. They know how to persuade their interlocutor and deal with problematic clients. In the end, a great communicator is a person who conveys their ideas easily and fast. This is especially important if you apply for a job position that includes managing people. For instance, if you’re a part of the service industry and your job is to make others happy.

As for non-verbal communication, emails and chats entered the corporate world long ago. Knowing the non-verbal communication rules means your timely and polite response to your boss’s emails. Yeap, communication is all about etiquette.

2. Empathy And Listening Skills

Your ability to emphasize and actively listen will help you solve tons of problems that involve people. Imagine you need to deal with the customer’s complaints. Instead of yelling at them, you need to show understanding and a sincere wish to help.

Compassion and kindness are not only for people-related jobs. For instance, you’ve got an online job, or your whole company works remotely. Early in the morning, you get a call from your colleague. She asks you to take her job tasks because she fell ill. To stay on good terms with your colleagues, you’ll have to help and show understanding. What if the next time you’re the one who asks for substitution?

3. Teamwork

Yeap, the whole corporate world spins around the concept of teamwork. Why so? Teamwork allows employees to express the best of their ideas. It’s all about support and listening, solving conflicts, and collaborating. Leaders who understand the value of teamwork motivate their employees to be better and achieve more.

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4. Leadership

True leaders are not born; true leaders are made. The whole ‘leadership’ concept is a pack of self-confidence, intuition, and assertiveness. A true leader encourages others to become a better version of themselves. Thus, you can expand your career resources by taking a course in modern leadership. If you’re a top manager, leadership will constitute one of your tech skills as well.

By showing leadership, you tell the hiring manager that you’re not scared of risks. Couple it with your management skills, and your resume is ready to conquer the world!

5. Positive Attitude Or Charisma

At first sight, showing charisma is not among the top soft skills one can hope to develop. But like leadership, charisma is built. Being charismatic means building relationships easily because, obviously, strong charisma equals persuasion.

One of the components of being charismatic is staying positive. People are more prone to listening to people who believe that everything will end up well. Imagine the crisis strikes. A positive person can persuade others that they can solve the problem. Meanwhile, a leader with a negative attitude will surely discourage others from hoping for the best.

How To Sharpen Your Interpersonal Skills?

Contrary to popular opinion, being a social butterfly is not a must. What we advise you is to focus on the team members you like. Invest in your career by building meaningful relationships. Start with a morning greeting and ask them how their day was at the end of the shift. People who have friends at work are more encouraged to stay motivated and efficient.

Develop your active listening and empathy. Imagine what it feels like walking in one’s shoes. Imagine what they might feel when they tell you a story. Copy their gestures and repeat what they say in your own words. Meanwhile, get professional help if you want to know how to control your emotions and act with patience.

Final Thoughts

Your interpersonal skills are the ‘employability’ skills every recruiter is looking for. They make the core of your ‘work’ personality regardless of the industry you work for. Develop your soft skills to get a better start in your career and have more accomplishments.

We hope the article was helpful to you. Good luck!

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