5 Video Content Ideas That Will Help Spruce Up Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

It’s no secret that properly leveraging social media as part of your marketing strategy is absolutely crucial these days. The traditional tendency to publish a visual accompanied by a phrase or a  sentence might not do the trick anymore – people might not relate as much with what you have to say and just scroll down to a more interesting post instead.

This is when a robust video content strategy comes in handy – it’s vibrant, it’s dynamic and it’s engaging. We’re about to show you five examples on how to use video content to improve the success rate of your social media marketing campaigns.

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Example 1 – Use Video In Your Social Ads

Video ads tend to perform better than regular static images. As it’s with many things in life, coming up with the perfect creative for your Facebook or LinkedIn ad campaign will require some testing, so make sure not to skip on this step.

Video content, however, will make your social ads more engaging. The reason for that is simple – videos force the users to stop scrolling and pay extra attention to your posts. Capitalizing on this with an appealing video will make all the difference.

Example 2 – Show Your “Behind-The-Scenes” Footage

A genuine sneak-peek video showing your team at what they do best can serve as a powerful tool for attracting potential customers. Regardless of your field of expertise and business – whether you are trying to promote your fashion brand or your vet clinic – there’s always an insightful way to put your company in the best possible light within your market via quality video content.

Don’t fixate on editing and upgrading your videos – people LOVE authenticity! If you slightly lift up the curtain and show a bit of your business ‘kitchen’ to your target audience, this will definitely help build trust in them.

Example 3 – Go Live On Social Media

We live in a time when live interviews, broadcasts, discussions, virtual trips, and events are the thing (be it Facebook, Instagram, or even Periscope), especially in times of a worldwide pandemic.

Marketers are getting as close to the customer as possible. Want to hear what the buyer has to say about your new product line? Start a live Q&A session. Want to demonstrate something you’ve been working on super hard for months? Start a live video demonstration. Want to run a contest with your most active followers? Start a live product giveaway.

Example 4 – Shoot Tutorials And How-To Videos

People are very visual creatures – more often we need to see something happening rather than just read about it. That is why educating your customers and making them use your products properly might be a challenge.

Depending on how sophisticated your products are you might even want to start a series of how-to explainer videos and guide people through the processes you think are the most challenging ones.

Example 5 – Record Client Testimonials

Do you wish to work on your brand awareness? The most powerful way to achieve this goal is to share your real clients’ feedback on your team and services. Make sure you shoot genuine appreciation of your work, sincere gratitude, and customer affection.

Customers’ testimonials serve as word-of-mouth recommendations so they are pretty powerful company promotion tools, especially if the client giving those represents a renowned company.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous ways you can spice up your social media campaigns with video content. From using videos in your social media ads on LinkedIn or Facebook to showing the behind-the-scenes footage, starting a live broadcast, filming various how-to videos, and, finally recording your clients’ testimonials – all these things can help your online marketing campaign immensely if done properly and with the right approach in mind.

What you need to do is get into a habit of producing content on a regular basis in order to boost customer engagement and, eventually, your ROI.

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