Ad View Format Is Changing Significantly In 2013 [Infographic]

Every company that has ever put their marketing campaign online knows how frustrating it is when ad views are not bringing in the clicks they were expecting. For a website that is serving banner ads, this is a very important topic. The credibility of its popularity is at stake, and unfortunately that is entirely up to the visitors of the blog to retain. If ads are not clicked, neither the website nor the advertiser gets their endeavors funded.

The way ad views are counted today is that every time the ad is loaded from the server, an ad view is counted. However, that has shown to be a wasteful way of counting them. It’s not good for the website or the advertiser and has been subject to change for a long time. In 2013, this might be corrected in a way that makes a whole lot more sense. Some companies have already started to implement this new way of counting ad views.

Basically what this new format does is not count ad views when they are loaded (served) by the server, but instead, it bases each view counted on its actual visibility. This means that when an ad is loaded beneath the fold for example, the ad view is not counted until it actually comes into the visitor’s view when the user scrolls down.

This is by far a more “fair” way of both preserving the website’s popularity in statistics as well as giving the advertiser their money’s worth when buying an ad on a website that serves banner ads which counts ads by visibility only. This new way of counting ad views has become a primary goal for online publishers for 2013. It’s something that will make a whole lot of advertisers really happy. It’s hard to say when it will become common practice. There are a lot of advertising platforms out there that have to implement this system into their platform, and until that happens, advertisers will have to keep paying for banner ads based on either clicks or redundant ad view counting.

This infographic called The State Of Viewable Impressions is presented by Onscroll (design by Wayward And Sons) and takes you through all of the benefits of implementing this new way of counting ad views. Will online banner ads once again be subject to a huge boost in revenue for publishers? By the looks of things, that just might be the case.

Ad View Format Changing In 2013

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