Beginner’s Roadmap For Getting Your Business Online [Infographic]

If you are an entrepreneur, and if you want the Internet to increase your reach, sales and marketing efforts, you most likely need a little bit of help to get started. Depending on whether you are tech savvy or not, taking your business online can be a painstaking endeavor that could cost you more than what the results yield. There are so many ways you can take your business online today that being tricked into paying thousands of dollars shouldn’t even be possible.

If you know a little bit about how a website works, you are already ahead of the ordinary entrepreneurs who are willing to shell out thousands of dollars just to have someone set it all up for them. With a little bit of research, you will find that it doesn’t have to cost you more than a couple of hundred dollars to get your hosting service and your site up and running. So as you can see, getting your business online doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg anymore.

In order to help you find your path, GoDaddy created an infographic called The Beginner’s Roadmap To Getting Your Business Online, which takes each step and briefly explains how to navigate through it. I want to take the opportunity to say that there are some hosting services out there that cost less than most yet offer more versatile hosting packages, so use a search engine to research what it is you’re looking for.

I usually don’t like writing about infographics that are pretty much a marketing effort, but this one is engaging in a way that still makes it a very thorough beginner’s guide to getting your business online, so I thought it was worth featuring here on Bit Rebels.

There’s no doubt that having your business online is an advantage over not being present online. As the infographic points out, 75% of businesses generate revenue because of their online presence, and 97% of all customers are more likely to look for you online than anywhere else. That should be an incentive to take your business beyond the local boundaries it’s currently confined to. Take on the real world on the Internet.

Sound Advice For How To Take Your Business Online

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Beginners Guide Business Online Infographic