Benefits Of Hiring An Influencer Marketing Agency

There are many benefits that come around when you hire an influencer marketing agency, and that’s exactly what we will discuss. Agencies like Redpill, are there to connect your brand with influencers that will greatly benefit both yourself and the influencer.

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We’ll discuss how they can help your brand by:

  • Creating shareable content
  • Building trust for your brand
  • Boosting your brand’s awareness
  • Generating better revenue

Content Creation

Influencers can create honest reviews of your product/service which acts similarly to testimonials. Their content can be seen as unbiased, seen as they aren’t specifically advertising your brand, or at least, they’re not creating content that is shouting at the viewer to buy your brand’s product.

The content is more to educate viewers about your brand and expose them to new products and services (we talk more about this under ‘Boost Awareness’).

Content is not there to advertise you, it’s there to show viewers a variety of brands that they would benefit from knowing about.

That’s the key point about influencer marketing – viewers see content from an influencer and believe that their suggestions are valid because their agenda is to help their viewers, not to sell your product.

Which takes us to our next benefit of influencer marketing – building trust.

Trust Building

Imagine you’re reading an Instagram caption from your favorite online celebrity. The picture is of a product that you’re interested in, but don’t know enough about.

The caption tells you about the product and the brand and gives you a little review of said product.

Now imagine the same scenario, but the content you see isn’t from your favorite online celeb, it’s an advertisement that’s popped up on your feed. What do you do? Scroll right past it? Check it out?

Whatever you decide to do, the fact of the matter is you’re more likely to trust your favorite celeb explaining why the product is good, over the advertisement that you haven’t chosen to have pop up on your feed. Right?

This is why influencer marketing is so genius. It’s a way of marketing by allowing them to find your brand by following an influencer, without shoving it in their face.

Once an influencer mentions your brand (in a good light) people begin to trust you because they trust the person talking about you.

Boost Awareness

Along with the additional trust, you automatically boost your brand awareness. This means that because influencers are creating content around your brand, of course, your brand is going to gain a further reach.

In other words, your brand will be exposed to potential clients that you would never have been able to reach on your own.

Generate Revenue

The last benefit we wanted to talk about is revenue generation. We’ve discussed content creation, trust, and awareness but we haven’t yet mentioned that along with these three benefits comes an uproar of revenue.

And after all, isn’t that your main reason for marketing? Whatever strategy you may take, you want more revenue, period. You can achieve this and more with influencer marketing, so why wouldn’t you jump at the chance?

Tell us about your experience with influencer marketing agencies.

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