What Are The Best Ways To Improve Company Culture?

For any business creating the right culture is vital. It has a direct impact on the way people behave. How they treat your customers and their colleagues. As well as how motivated they are to do a good job and stay with the firm. Having the right culture is not just nice to have, it is essential. Something that has an impact on a company´s bottom line and its long-term viability as well as on its ability to have a positive impact on society.

Here are some easy-to-implement ways to improve your company´s culture. Changes you can make quickly, without spending a fortune or radically changing the way everyone works.

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Tap Into New Technology To Make Your Messaging More Effective

Communicating clearly with your workforce is an essential part of building the right culture. Open and consistent messaging ensures that everyone understands what is important and how they need to work and behave.

Technology can be used to make that easier. For example, many firms have had great success with using digital signage to improve culture. In the past, they would have used posters to remind employees of company values, safety rules and other information. Today, business owners are setting up digital screens in strategic locations and using them to disseminate important messages.

The biggest advantage of this approach is that the information or images can be changed within moments. A firm that suddenly needs everyone who enters the premises to start wearing masks again can easily ensure that happens by updating the entranceway screens.

Regularly Tweak The Way You Message Your Employees

Using screens as one of your communication tools has other advantages. Studies show that once we become familiar with something we tend not to pay as much attention to it anymore. This can easily happen with the warning or reminder signage or posters you use to help to keep your employees safe.

If they remain the same after a while people just don´t notice them and they begin to slip into bad habits. You can read about safety sign blindness here.

The same happens with your inspirational messages, the ones that you are using to influence workplace behaviour and culture. Using screens provides you with the chance to regularly change the graphics and wording so that people notice again and are reminded of what they need to do.

Regularly reviewing and updating the way you communicate with your employees keeps things fresh and engaging. It also helps to ensure that the language, images, and formats you are using continue to get your message across to your employees regardless of their age.

Encourage Teamwork And Job Mobility

It is not uncommon for business culture to become disjointed, to differ across departments. The fact that employees in each role are doing different work is in part responsible for this. They are carrying out different types of tasks in different work environments which naturally leads to them implementing company values and cultures in slightly different ways.

This is only natural, and it is hard to avoid. But business owners need to be aware of this tendency and to periodically redress that balance, so that things do not drift too much and that everyone continues to use the same core company values. Providing people with the chance to mix with colleagues from across the business is an effective way to do this.

Workshops, conferences, and social events all help. Details of these opportunities can be shared using digital display screens.

Share Company News With Your Employees Via A Digital Newsletter

Those screens can also be used to highlight, celebrate, and share the work of specific departments or employees. It is not difficult to make short videos or to tell the story using subtitled slide show images.

Sharing news about company projects and achievements is a highly effective way to remind everyone of why they are there. To keep people motivated and help them to feel proud of the work that they do and the contribution they are making to the firm´s success. ´

There are many types of inspirational and motivational information that you can share with your employees in a digital format. If you want more ideas, just click this link.

Align Your Brand And Culture

Making sure that the values of your brand and company culture are aligned is vital too. It makes no sense to ask someone to act one way while working behind the scenes and another when in front of customers. Everyone regardless of who they are or their position in the company needs to act as a brand representative. This article explains why this is so important.

Lead By Example

The above are all simple examples of methods any business can use to improve its culture. But ensuring that every single member of the management team acts in line with their business culture is by far the most effective way to change things and do so fast.

Whatever approach you choose to use to improve your culture, be consistent and persistent.

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