Boost Sales Using Promotional Magnets In 5 Steps

New businesses open each day, and competition has never been stiffer. Fortunately, the choice of promotional items is endless. A perfect example is promotional magnets. If you have tried different marketing techniques with no success, these may be all you need.

Promotional magnets are widely used in auto, healthcare, and hotel businesses, and you can customize them to match your needs. Again, they ensure that your message sticks with the client, making them an excellent way of attracting clients and boosting sales.

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What Are The Best Promotional Magnet Ideas For Marketing Your Business?

There are different promotional items, but magnets stand out. They are handy marketing tools for any business, thanks to their staying power. Magnets can stick for a long duration and will promote your business in your absence. Still, you can use custom magnets; they are a favorite choice among many. With these promotional items, you can choose the colors, text, shape, and sizes. And this makes it easier to reach your potential clients.

There are different promotional magnet ideas, these include the following.

Car Magnets

Car magnets market your business to a wide variety of clients. They are similar to bumper stickers and will take your message wherever you go. Car magnets will promote your brand and attract many potential clients. And this raises the likelihood of more sales.

Business Card Magnets

Unlike conventional business cards, you can place these magnets strategically to draw more clients. Business card magnets are lightweight and portable and will create constant exposure to your business and products.

Calendar Magnets

Calendar magnets put your message across many and are very cost-effective. They showcase your business, products, and services the entire year and are ideal for businesses offering ongoing services.

Die-Cut Magnets

Do you want to market your business in a fun yet cost-effective way? Die-cut magnets may be all you need. You can custom them in varying shapes and sizes to match your preferences. Most people fancy them due to their attractive shapes, making them a great choice for all businesses.

Custom Magnetic Poetry

Custom magnetic poetry involves words, sayings, and phrases targeting prospective clients. The word sets are customizable, and you can choose what fits your business. These magnets will spread messages about your business, thus enticing more clients.

Magnetic Notepads

With the current technological advances, most people rarely use notepads. But, a magnetic one is unique and works magic. Magnetic notepads are easily portable, and their staying power makes all the difference. Have them with your company’s name, logo, and contact details to enhance their usefulness.

Why Promote Your Business Using Magnets?

Promotional magnets can serve your advertising purposes. They come with numerous gains, and there are various reasons to include them in your marketing strategy. These promotional tools will always remind others about your company and are ideal marketing solutions to anyone on a budget.

Why Use Promotional Magnets In Marketing?

While you can misplace business cards and other promotional items, you’re less likely to misplace promotional magnets. A client can stick them in different places and get reminded about your products for a long duration.

That’s not all, though! You can customize magnets to suit your business’s needs. You can include your business name, logo, and any other information that you wish to put across. You can also choose different shapes.

Still, you can distribute promotional magnets to various places and shared details about your company and products. Clients will also post them in the most usable places like cars, kitchens, and fridge doors. These promotional items offer continued visibility and exposure to clients for a long duration.

How Can I Improve Sales With Promotional Magnets?

1. Give Magnets After Purchases

I presume you get different clients each day. Why not use magnets as a way of appreciation? They may seem simple but will leave an everlasting message on the client’s mind. By giving promotional magnets to your existing clients, you create an opportunity for more business. The customer can keep the magnet or give it to others who may be interested in your products. This is a great way of marketing your brand, which translates to more clients.

2. Magnets In Business Gifts Work Wonders

If you usually give out gift boxes during major events and celebrations, think of ways to include magnets in your campaigns. For instance, include a custom magnet; they have a higher retention power than traditional business cards. Also, they attract a lot of attention and appreciation and are very effective in marketing.

3. Magnets At Your Counter Won’t Do Any Harm

Magnets in a strategic place will attract many people. Put them in a bowl and place them at the billing counter. They will grab the attention of all clients who can use them to promote your business. What’s more, they will create brand awareness in your neighborhood, thus increasing your foot traffic.

4. Try This Combo-Magnets & Coupon Mailers

Discount coupons are an excellent way of driving sales. By including promotional magnets in the coupons, you’ll pass important messages about your business. Moreover, this inspires clients to check out more deals from your store. Use custom magnets like calendars, sports schedules, car magnets- your choices are endless.

5. Don’t Forget Magnets During Door-To-Door Campaigns

Door-to-door campaigns work well when it comes to business promotion. They inform the neighborhood about your store and the products offered. Incorporating promotional magnets in such campaigns will go a long way.

Surprise your potential clients by sticking your business card magnet on their door frames, doorknobs, or window seals. Many will be pleased to get a free magnet, and who knows? They might end up becoming your regular clients.

Where Can I Get Promotional Magnets For My Business?

Multiple companies sell promotional items, including magnets. You’ll get most of them online, and all offer various products and at different prices. Choose a company with years of experience printing high-quality materials. Also, choose custom magnets and go for beautiful colors that can attract more clients. Remember to include your company’s name and contacts.

The Bottom Line

Promotional magnets will benefit your business in many ways. They are cost-effective and will help market your business for an extended duration. For excellent results, customize them to fit your needs. Also, choose attractive shapes and images and acquire quality magnets from a reputed company.

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