Brewster’s Billions – 12 Ways To Spend 1 Billion Pounds [Infographic]

Many of you may not have seen the 80’s classic comedy movie, Brewster’s Millions. And if not, you should move it to the top of your must-see list. In the film, Richard Pryor is presented with the chance to inherit $1million and carry on with his life. Or he can try and spend $30 million in 30 days… so that he can inherit $300 million.

And so with the late, great John Candy at his side, Pryor duly accepts the challenge and his character blazes through a series of money-losing schemes but finds getting rid of his wealth surprisingly difficult.

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In today’s world, the $30 million that Pryor had to spend sounds way too easy. And so for a bit of fun, the Loanable content team have updated the model and taken a look at 12 outlandish and unconventional ways to burn through a billion pounds. And they’ve also made their Brewster’s Billion into a fun infographic to enhance your enjoyment, accompanying their expenditures with some cool illustrations by upcoming artist, Gabriela Carvalho.

Loanable is also running a competition where people who come up with the most inventive spending lists of their own can win prizes including a bitcoin, a drone and an iPhone 8. The only rules of the competition are:

No investing the money or giving it away. And no gambling or buying the same type of thing twice.

They also ask that entrants give a brief breakdown of their expenditures, but nothing heavy, it’s obviously meant to be fun!

The highlights of the Loanable spending list include buying an army and creating your own country. It’d be good to think people would opt for a state founded on the principles of democratic, peaceful hedonism!

One of the other neat spending ideas is having Morgan Freeman portray you in a biopic of your own life. Although it’d be tempting to be portrayed by Meryl Streep or Dolph Lundgren who is surely due to his own Hollywood revival by now.

Elsewhere on the spending list, it’d be awesome to actually see the proposed remote controlled T-Rex created. However, if money is no object, it might be cooler to get a remote controlled flying dinosaur like a Pterodactyl.

Something that’s not on the list but would be amazing is your very own zero gravity room where you could hire the worlds best deejays, invite a load of smoking hot people to come and basically turn it into a house music club.

Of all the people you could pay to have live with you, Loanable’s choice of Ted Danson is an amusing one – if a little left field. Other strong picks would be Larry David of Curb Your Enthusiasm so that he could make you laugh continuously. But perhaps the best pick of all would be Dave Chapelle whose stand up routine and sketches, it could be argued, are the greatest of all time. Offering him £100 million pounds to be your roommate for a year would be a good way to spend badly.

There are also other people in the public eye who you may want to pay to never, ever appear in the public eye again. Although no names will be named here!

Anyway, hopefully, you will enjoy the infographic and maybe feel inspired to enter the competition, too. If so, check out the Loanable blog page where you can find out the Brewsters Billion rules in full and also details on how you can enter.

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Brewster's Billion Spend Money Infographic