Why The Business Catalog Still Survives In A Digital Age

When the internet started to revolutionize the way business was conducted, particularly in terms of marketing, many predicted that the business catalog would go the way of the dodo bird and become extinct. And yet here we are, a couple decades into the internet revolution, and you’re still receiving catalogs showcasing the products or services of various establishments in the mail, whether at your home or at your place of business.

[pullquote]There are reasons that the old-fashioned print catalog hasn’t yet fallen by the wayside.[/pullquote] And those reasons are why if you’re a business owner, you should consider including such a catalog in your marketing agenda right alongside whatever digital strategies you might be undertaking at the moment. Maybe you’ve never done a catalog before or maybe you’ve discontinued it. Whatever the case, you’re missing out without one helping market your business and its wares.

If you’re looking for a way to handle your catalog creation in an efficient, effective manner, you can make use of catalog software to assist you in this process (and check out the Prodalist marketing software while you’re there.) Meanwhile, you should consider these reasons why the business catalog is still such a reliable sales tool.

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Targeting Your Customers

The digital marketing done by business owners is often aimed at bringing in clients or customers who have never purchased before. But a catalog is extremely effective at delivering continued sales from people who have already shown an interest in the business or purchased from them before. This kind of targeted marketing can be extremely cost-effective, the marketing equivalent of the old adage about a bird in the hand being worth more than two in the bush.

Reading Is Fundamental…To Business Sales

[pullquote]No matter how much people object to lots of physical mail, it still takes more effort to throw something into a trash can or recycling bin than it does to swipe a phone or tablet or click a mouse to delete an e-mail.[/pullquote] As a result, the chances for a catalog to make an impact are increased by the mere nature of its physical presence. In addition, many people are more comfortable with having a product at their physical disposal rather than having to search through e-mails to get information. Whether it’s a glossy, professional magazine or a simply-done, informative packet, the catalog tends to persist within customers lives with a lot more durability than digital counterparts.

Versatility Of The Package

The fact that catalogs have to be sent in the mail give marketers the opportunity to include more for the client or customer that might be available to them in a digital sales pitch. Sample products might be included to give customers an idea about what they’re going to be seeing in the catalog. The cover of the catalog might be utilized to point customers to special sales or promotions on the inside. Clever marketers can use the nature of the catalog to their advantage in these or other ways with a little imagination.

The bottom line is that the business catalog won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. So why not follow these tips and get the most out of this unique marketing opportunity.

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Why The Business Catalog Still Survives In A Digital Age

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