A Small Business Guide To Agile Advertising – Reach More, Spend Less

It’s become a pain reaching an audience with a steady stream of fresh businesses coming to market. It’s not like marketing a business before where PPC campaigns were pennies on the dollar. Or, you could take out a full-page ad promoting your morphine-laced magic serum and make bank.

A small business, today, has to put in work throughout several, major channels. The small business budget holds them back. After all, how can you explore them when there are so many options? Wouldn’t your efforts stretch thin versus maximizing one or two showing promising returns?

The point: Pick one of the following, go 100% on it, and see where it takes you.

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Agile Advertising Opportunities For A Tiny, Small Business Budget

How big an audience could you reach a $500 ad budget? What about $250? $100? Seems like it’s stretching it, right? Except, there are a lot of options when you keep things agile… and you know where to look & how to put it into action.

Try one of these…

Up Your IG Visual Game

Make the most of visual branding through Instagram with a professional photo shoot. Get high-quality pics of your products and team in action, then post them to your IG. Add the appropriate tags and repurpose them on other social platforms + your site.

Leverage your market exposure to reach out to IG influencers in your niche. Then, see if they’d endorse your product whether organic or paid. Move on if you’re rejected because there are endless influencers on IG. You’re bound to find a couple open to the idea.

Brand Some Swag

Besides the price of a conference booth, do this:

  1. Repurpose or source an eye-catching design
  2. Order cheap wholesale clothing
  3. Print the design on the clothes

You now have an inexpensive inventory of swag to pass out to those visiting your booth. This keeps your brand on their mind and could net free advertising if they wear it on the floor.

Stir The Pot

Wendy’s was on a roll this past year with their snide comments and burns. They’re one of many companies tapping agile tactics and your business can do the same. Small businesses benefit from personality (they’re not bogged down by corporate policies).

What could you do?

  • Call out a competitor doing shoddy work
  • Hold a strong stance on a controversial topic
  • Quickly react to happenings and hot discussions

You won’t please everyone and that’s okay. Your stirring will attract a unique following. This is the idea behind tribes. Spend your budget on social tracking tools and keeping a designer on retailer as this lets you quickly react and capitalize the interest.

Do More Content

It doesn’t get any easier than this. And, sounds silly having to mention it but many SBO’s continue neglecting a content marketing strategy.

  1. Find a writing service or freelancer
  2. Create a dozen+ topics
  3. Get content created
  4. Publish it on the business blog

These content pieces become a new entry point for people search for what you have. You can then rework the content as a script for a video. Or, pull data and add design elements for infographics. Pay $50+ an article from someone experienced in the industry to give great value to your audience. Or, spend it all on a principal piece that’ll define your site and brand.

A Small Budget Isn’t Limited Options

There are hundreds of low-priced advertising and marketing opportunities. Price comes down once you have design assets and understand the platforms. Pick one and own it to see how well it can truly work.

If you are interested in even more business-related articles and information from us here at Bit Rebels then we have a lot to choose from.

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