How To Create Good Content For Your Business [Flowchart]

What’s the best content you can share and how do you create it? Can you become a master at creating viral content? These are but a few questions most brand marketers ask themselves at some point. The answers to these questions are simple there simply is no way of completely knowing what will and will not work. It’s a trial and error game. To create good content is to create something that you feel is both important for your brand and appealing to the visitors.

There are a lot of words that can be woven into the phrase “good content” and the explanations can be as many as there are words. However, there are a few things that you can think about when creating what is going to draw people to your website. The first thing that I always do when I look through the “tips inbox” or do research myself on the Internet is to try and feel what I personally think. Is it appealing to me? What’s my initial reaction to the tip or research information I have gathered?

Many times it is what I call “dead content ideas”. They are just ideas that will not amount to anything in particular. You can’t make good content from stuff that doesn’t even appeal to you. Trying to determine what is good content yourself is always a good pointer. After all, the things you are trying to present to people and make them like are stuff that you like as well, that is why they come back to your site.

I have many times tried to come up with a sure way of determining whether an idea is good or not, but as soon as I think I have cracked the formula something changes and the idea takes an entirely different direction. There is simply no way of knowing beforehand whether the content you will create will appeal to the masses.

But, (this is important), there are things you can do to increase the odds of creating good content. They come as a compiled single string flowchart that takes you from idea to success. What I have learned is that if you have people that like what you write they are usually the best ones to give you constructive criticism that will help you learn and grow.

This single string flowchart is put together by Spundge and is titled The No Hype, Buzzword-Free Guide To Creating Good Content For Your Business. This particular flowchart gives us plenty of vital pointers about how we can position ourselves to create good content that will propel our business forward. When coupling logic and creativity you often come up with the best ideas. But it takes more than an idea to create good content, and that is exactly what this flowchart will tell you while it guides you through the process.

How To Create Good Content For Your Business

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How Create Good Content Flowchart

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    Alesia Krush 9 years

    Richard, I agree with all the steps in the flowchart. However, I’d introduce Step 0 before Step 1, which would be “Put yourself into prospective readers’ shoes”, that is, I believe one should try to predict what kind of content would be particularly interesting for the reader.

    I’d also like to emphasize Step 8, no wonder it has a diamond associated with it. What makes your content really precious is its format. If Coke was being sold in transparent tasteless flasks, nobody would buy it. I think it’s the shape, brevity and ease-of-read of a piece of content that makes it a win.

    By the way, we recently posted a survey on our blog in which 8 industry experts shared their tips on how one can consistently create awesome content I thought it would be a nice addition to your post. ;)


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    The way you have illustrated in that infographic is awesome. It is the best way to quickly feed the info you need. The best content needs to be seen by other people thats why the social media is there for. good job!