In-Demand Skills Employees Should Acquire In 2019

Have you ever asked a person what is the worst part of their job? If you will discuss with people from different domains they will offer you a common answer. Nowadays, employers expect their employees to have knowledge in various domains. But the problem is that when they hired them, they selected them for a special position, and they have skills for it. If later the employer wants their staff to do more, they may have the surprise to find out that their employees’ skills are limited.

More and more people are terrified that their leaders will ask them to do something they are not able to do. It is similar with asking your dog-walker to walk your dog without offering them a leash, or worse the dog. What businesses worldwide have to understand is that when their needs are changing, they do not have to let their employees go and hire new ones, they should train them, and offer them the education they need. If the employee gets the continuous education, they will have no problem in keeping up with the developments of the industry.

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Types Of Training Employees Can Benefit From


In case the employee is new in the company or department, the orientation training is required to formally introduce them to the values of the company/department. During these sessions, the employee receives information on topics like corporate culture, company value, vision and mission, organizational structure, key corporate procedures, and administrative procedures.


Onboarding training implies the employee taking part in multiple sessions that are organized during a long period of time. Their purpose is to help employees become successful in their new role if it experienced changes since the last time they had a training session. This type of training offers the participant education on the technical aspects of the job, and on how to stay productive. In the majority of cases, these classes are organized online. The company provides them in online sessions to the employees that need to achieve a certain education.

Technical Skills Development

All employees need to take part in training sessions that help them improve their technical skills. They need to know how to do tasks like content writing, data analysis, coding, programming, social media management. The subject of the training depends on the specifics of the company. In case the company relies on technical activities, it is essential all of them to have the needed knowledge to do complete their tasks. Also, they need to receive training in order to stay up-to-date with the latest changes, because the tech industry is in continuous growth.

Soft skills development

In order your employee to grow, they need certain soft skills. They will help your staff interact harmoniously. These sessions are useful to both new and experienced employees because they improve the respect and efficiency of a team. During these classes, the following topics can be discussed: ethics, leadership, time management, presentation skills, communication skills, teamwork, problem-solving skills, adaptability, and emotional intelligence.

Mandatory Training

Depending on the industry, the company operates, certain training sessions are required to help them improve their skills. For instance, if your company manufactures cosmetic products it is important for your employees to get online chemistry classes because they need to know how certain substances react when they are mixed.

There are different types of programs companies can organize for their employees, but in 2019 it is essential they have certain skills, to keep up with the needs of the market.

Skills All Employees Should Acquire In 2019

Coding Skills

The business world is caught in the middle of a tech boom, and coders are at a high search right now. Instead of searching the market for new candidates, it is advisable to select some of the employees who have technical skills and to offer them the needed education to become coders.

Excel Skills

Excel skills were and still are in great search because this program is useful no matter the domain of work. If the company has an employee who is a professional spreadsheet maker, it has a wide array of problems covered. Nowadays, Excel is the more desired software skill in all companies worldwide, therefore if your employees have issues in using it, it is advisable to help them add it to their resume.

Web Development Skills

In 2008 when the App Store first debuted, people could not get enough of the apps they could use. But nowadays, they no longer consider apps useful, or at least when it comes to some of them, they prefer to access the website instead of using the app. And for this, it is required a professional web developer to construct the site. If your web developer is not in touch with the latest trends, training will help them catch-up.

Writing Skills

The posts you see online, like this one, you are reading, are not written by robots, and they do not grow in trees; they are created by actual humans. Nowadays if you have a website, you need a blog, because it will increase the chances to get to clients. And why outsourcing the job, when your employees have the needed knowledge about the domain they are working in to do it. They know exactly what to share with the readers, but they do not know how to create a post. They need the training to learn to create content that engages traffic readers and drive readers to the website.

Project Management Skills

Daily the tasks your employees complete are more and more complex, and they need new skills to learn how to complete them successfully. It is understandable that the manager of the project needs knowledge, to have a sense of how things are going. They are the ones who have the task to check the progress of the project and to meet the budget.

Public Speaking Skills

If you want to attract clients, it is important for the brand ambassador of the company to know how to connect with the audience. Nowadays people appreciate the persons who are able to speak without having a visual aid. They actually prefer old-fashioned speaking.

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