eBay Alternatives – Top 10 Marketplaces For Sellers To Try In 2021

eBay is the go-to online marketplace for many entrepreneurs looking to start a business or expand their existing one. With hundreds of millions of active users and a constantly growing user base with constant ebay cashback, it can be difficult to resist selling on eBay as your first (or next!) sales channel.

However, there are other marketplaces that you may want to consider trying if you’re thinking of expanding your online sales horizons.

That’s what this article is all about: We’ve compiled a list of some of the top marketplaces for sellers to consider when looking beyond eBay. If you are currently selling on eBay or are planning on doing so, make sure you check out our list below before making up your mind.

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The Top 20 Marketplaces For Sellers In 2021

Our number one alternative to eBay in 2021 has got to be Amazon. After its acquisition of Whole Foods, Amazon seems poised to grow into the ultimate ecommerce giant that spans both B2C and B2B sectors. With 100 million Prime members (and growing) worldwide, it’s easy to see why more and more sellers are shifting their focus to Amazon as opposed to competing with the e-commerce giant themselves. You can also check out some articles on what does amazon renewed means.

As a Canadian entrepreneur, you cannot ignore the opportunities presented by Shopify. With a booming startup community and a multi-million dollar Unicorn valuation, this is one platform that every online seller should consider first before creating their own store from scratch. As a result of its easy-to-use interface and value for money pricing plans, there are over 500,000 businesses currently using this B2B marketplace as their sales channel. If you’re running an ecommerce business in Canada or thinking of expanding your sales horizons beyond eBay, you should definitely check out Shopify today!

To date, no other marketplace offers both B2C and B2B sales opportunities to entrepreneurs. Alibaba is currently the second-largest ecommerce website in the world, allowing both business owners and customers to purchase anything you can possibly think of online. The platform is known for its extremely wide product range as well as its stringent policies regarding counterfeit products, making it one of the safer alternatives to eBay in 2021.

With over 300 million active users worldwide, Facebook is rapidly expanding its marketplace section to push more advertising revenues. Although still relegated to only B2C sales, this could be just what you need if you’re looking for another low-cost way to sell online without having to expand your team or invest too much money into customizing your store’s design and backend infrastructure. As long as you have a winning Facebook ad strategy and a solid sales pitch, we’re sure you’ll be able to navigate Facebook’s ad platform and enjoy some healthy sales in no time.

At number four on our list is another major player that’s fast expanding its e-commerce activities: Rakuten. Although linked to eBay as a sister company (with similar commission rates), Rakuten is slowly becoming an alternative worth considering for those looking to expand their online store presence. The company has recently launched its own chatbot known as the Smart XPA, making it easier than ever before for entrepreneurs to purchase or look up products through the messaging app.

While the platform only covers B2C sales, this could definitely suit entrepreneurs who do not wish to set up an online store from scratch and would rather focus their efforts on marketing and selling.

On the heels of its $2 billion acquisition of Pinterest in 2018, Rakuten continues to expand into new marketplaces to maximize revenue. Although you cannot compete with giant retailers like Walmart, it is worth checking out if you’re looking for a quick access point to sell online without any additional costs or technical expertise needed.

At number six on our list is another ecommerce platform that’s gaining popularity in Canada: Shopify Plus. This marketplace offers unlimited products, no transaction fees, and custom domain names for entrepreneurs who are serious about scaling up their business operations. With over 70% of the top 100,000 websites worldwide currently using Shopify, this could be your ticket to making a name for yourself by 2020.

At number seven is a marketplace that’s probably the most versatile and biggest on our list: eBay. Although we can’t deny how saturated this platform has become over the years, its sheer size makes it perfect for marketing your products to millions of users across the globe. The company offers very competitive commission rates as well as free listings, so if you’re looking for an established platform to conduct B2C sales, then look no further than eBay!

With over 100 million active users, Craigslist is one of the safest marketplaces to begin selling online beginning 2021. However, there are some downsides you have to be mindful of before considering this option – mainly that transaction safety between buyer and seller depends entirely on both parties’ honesty. You also need to make sure that you don’t violate Craigslist’s Terms of Use or else risk facing penalties. Btw, petco vs petsmart, which one do you think is better?

Similar to eBay, Alibaba is another well-established marketplace worth considering when looking for alternative sales opportunities beginning 2021. Although some critics argue that this platform caters only to the Chinese market, Alibaba still provides a good balance between competitive commission rates and a user base composed of 300 million global users. You can start selling on the website immediately by creating a Taobao shop for free, though you will eventually have to pay more if you want access to advanced features such as inventory management and branding customization.

At number 10 is another major player in the social media realm: Instagram. This platform not only offers zero transaction fees but can also help entrepreneurs reach thousands of potential customers within seconds – all you need is an active follower count so your sales pitches will start rolling in. Although selling via Instagram is only available to users based in the US, simply follow our step-by-step guide on how to sell on Instagram using Shopify or Facebook Ads to start selling internationally with no stress.

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