In The Future Employees Will Be Replaced With Entrepreneurs [Chart]

I remember a few months after the 9/11 terrorist attacks here in the States, a lot of companies reacted to the downturn in the economy by replacing employees with entrepreneurs. They had to cut costs, and one of a company’s highest expenses is labor. They got rid of some employees (which also got rid of benefits and other expenses related to employees) and replaced them with contract workers. According to some people, in the future, employees will be replaced by entrepreneurs even more.

According to Funders and Founders, the creators of this infographic called Everyone Will Become An Entrepreneur, this is the era of startups, and startups are in a unique position when it comes to employees. Offering an employee a stable job with benefits and a consistent salary requires stability. Most of the time, the partners in the startup aren’t even withdrawing a consistent salary. A startup is all about accepting risk and instability to chase a dream, which in a way goes against the stability required to hire employees.

Combine that with the fact that more and more companies want to work with entrepreneurs because they are typically dedicated, committed and passionate about what they do. That’s not to say that an employee isn’t – but an entrepreneur who is willing to work day and night to stay ahead of the competition might be a better use of resources than a full-time employee hired to do the job. Understanding these details further explains why employees will be replaced with entrepreneurs more frequently as time goes on.

The days of robotic employees showing up to work each day, half asleep, to do what they are told all day long and then leave at 5:00 are becoming a distant memory. Companies want more. They want innovation and creativity, and who can give them that more than the inspired freelancer who will do anything to keep the company happy? Assuming employees will be replaced with entrepreneurs, does that make you happy or not? I guess that depends on which side of this you sit. I hope you click over to the source site (linked above) to read the corresponding blog post that accompanies this chart. It’s a great read!

In The Future, Employees Will Be Replaced With Entrepreneurs


Header Image Credit: [Marketing Fundamentals]