Beardvertising: The Unusual Advertising Opportunity In A Beard

The world is full of advertisements! There are maybe even a little too many sometimes. When the Internet became a popular pastime, it was clear that money could be earned through its popularity. First we had the banner revolution, which is an advertisement form that is still present today. Soon the entire Internet was flooded with banner ads, so new advertisement formats were invented. We have seen many unusual advertising opportunities throughout the years.

Maybe you remember the Million Dollar Website. It was created by Alex Tew who needed to solve his financial problems fast, so he offered up 1 million pixels for $1 per pixel. It was a huge success when it was launched, and it even went viral. The concept was developed and launched back in 2005, and it has since become Internet history. But there have been many more unusual advertising opportunities in the history of the Internet. They don’t all necessarily have to do with the Internet, but most of them became popular thanks to it.

Cornett Integrated Marketing Solutions came up with an unusual advertising opportunity that will make you giggle. Next time you think about unusual advertising, you’ll remember this particular advertisement before you think about anything else. Cornett IMS has come up with Beardvertising, which is probably the most unusual advertising opportunity to date. So what is it all about? Well, if you’re looking to get your message out, you are now able to buy a spot in some guy’s facial hair. Yup, it’s that easy!

A hostbase of bearded men (which you can apply to if you have a beard) will allow you to pick and place your advertising on a small BeardBoard (beard billboard) which is clipped onto a bearded man’s beard. If you too have a thick beard, you can make some money ($5 a day) for showcasing small ads in your beard. People who walk by will notice the small beardboard and of course make sure to buy, visit or check out the sponsor of this unusual advertising format. The world is being more and more plastered with ads, so why not add them to people’s beards too, right? It’s time to get your beard on! Book your ad on the Beardvertising website now!

Cornett IMS’ Unusual Advertising Format – Beardvertising



Via: [Technabob]