How To Feel Inspired Even If You Have A Boring Job [Chart]

If you like to express your imagination and creativity, you might dream of a world where you could spend the whole day doing what you love and fulfilling your purpose for being on earth. Some people have rearranged their lives to accommodate this type of lifestyle, but there are many others who don’t like their jobs. The worst case scenario is having a boring job. Sometimes I think it’s better to have a job that you hate because at least them you can feel something.

If you have a boring job, there are ways you can become inspired again. This may sound clich√©, but it’s all in your perspective. If you’ve listened to ‘This Is Water,’ you know what I’m talking about. It’s a 20-minute commemorative speech by David Foster Wallace (broken up into section 1 and section 2).

It basically suggests that we have the choice to make everything around us a life experience, or we can go into ‘default’ mode and just react to everything around us (which will ultimately make us resentful and grumpy). Like a goldfish that doesn’t know what water is since it’s swimming in it, we often miss moments of pleasure in our day because we are immersed in them. Listening to that speech can help you cope with your boring job, and help you find your inspiration again.

This chart below called 8 Tips For Making A Boring Task Bearable by Yumi Sakugawa at WonderHowTo is filled with some simple tips for keeping boredom under control during your workday. I also found a great article on The Happiness Project called 6 Tips For Fighting Boredom, which is really good. If you have a boring job, I want to encourage you to muster enough energy to make a new plan and get out of there. Life is too short to spend your valuable time doing things that don’t inspire you!

Change Your Perspective & Make Your Boring Job Bearable

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