Find Local SEO Services – London SEO Professionals Urge Companies To Focus On Local

Looking for local SEO services? London SEO professionals have been urging companies just like yours to focus on local for some time now, and there’s a reason for that. More people than ever are searching for local shops and restaurants using mobile phones. In fact, statistics suggest that almost half of all searches are for something local, and without local SEO, you may be left out of the equation.

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What Exactly Is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a way for companies to promote both products and services to local prospects. The search engines look at a number of factors to make this happen including local content, social profile pages, and citations in directories. Making it happen, though, can be more complicated than it seems. You have to optimize your business listings across various directories, including your Google My Business listing. More than that, though, you’ll need to focus on your internal linking structure. External links matter to SEO.

Internal links, though, matter extensively to local SEO because it helps to support the navigation of your site and distribute your page’s authority. Additionally, you need to take a closer look at your URL and tags. Geographic search phrases like “London SEO company” have to be included if you want people to find your business. Content still matters in the world of local SEO too, though.

After all, you need to focus on including content that those in your area will know and appreciate. Moreover, though, you’ll need to add location pages to your website so Google knows how to direct people to you.

How Do I Find Local SEO Services?

Sound like too much work? For most busy professionals, it probably is, which is why finding the right local SEO services is important. How do you connect with a team that can actually help, though? There are a few steps in the process.

  1. Know Exactly What You Want: You’re looking for local SEO. While that doesn’t mean your site may not need additional optimization assistance like technical SEO help or digital marketing if you really want to rank for local, be sure you find a company that can help you in that area. If they specialize in something else, keep searching until you find someone willing to help you with this key task first.
  2. Read the Reviews: Many people look only at the search engine results themselves when they search for SEO companies, but a company’s reputation is built on so much more than that. Read the reviews. Look at any case studies published on their website. Be sure to contact any references they have listed too. You want to make sure you’re working with a company that has actually had some experience with local SEO, not just one that claims to be an SEO expert in every area.
  3. Only Use Companies with Transparent Reporting: Optimisation is full of data. There are data points almost everywhere. If the local SEO expert you’re considering can’t provide you with the data for your website or they’re simply not willing to do so, it may be time to find another company. You want clear reporting on a regular basis, typically monthly. If your team can’t document what they’ve done and how it has affected you, it’s time to look elsewhere.

Remember, local SEO works just as other optimization processes do. It can take time to raise your profile and help potential customers connect with you. In fact, experts suggest it can take four to six months for most people to achieve their desired page rank. Don’t lose hope as the local SEO process begins, though. Your customers will find you, and you’ll begin seeing the increased traffic numbers you want through your door, but it takes the right team and some patience to get there.

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