30 Digital Marketing Statistics Not To Overlook [Infographic]

It is not an easy task to stay ahead of marketing in a world where technology is pretty much everything. Understanding and mastering the different social networking services and creating successful marketing campaigns is getting harder by the minute it seems. There are a lot of marketing statistics that a marketing executive has to look at in order to understand where to put the company’s time and money. Let’s look at the most important marketing statistics today.

Taking a company from idea to success is a job that takes both dedication and cleverness. Reaching through the noise in today’s social networking mania is for most an endeavor based on sheer luck, but it doesn’t have to be that way. When you look at the marketing statistics available, a clear image can be drawn. It’s a picture that could very well boost the return on your efforts multiple times over. However, remember that results don’t come without effort, so pucker up and get ready to do the dirty work.

In a fresh infographic called 30 Digital Marketing Statistics You Shouldn’t Miss, presented by Optimind, we are dealt the cards for a successful marketing campaign. What you will quickly find is that marketing is all about effort. Put down the work, and wonderful things can happen. For example, the average length of a post ranking in the top 10 in search results for any keyword is 2,000 words. If we also take into consideration that search engines will not consider any content less than 300 words to be important enough to rank high, we quickly see that we need to put in some heavy effort in order to get search engine traffic.

The infographic also shares marketing statistics that suggest that list posts with videos and images are the most linked, shared and popular ones you could ever put together. So basically what this infographic is saying is that if you want to create a good marketing campaign with one post, it should be at least 2,000 words, include images and videos, and be some kind of list. It would be quite interesting to try this theory out, and compare it to all of our other articles. But then again, is there enough time in the day to create content with this much depth for a blog like Bit Rebels?

I am a marketing statistics fanatic, and everything that could potentially increase the success of our endeavors I am ready to devour. This infographic shares some of the most interesting marketing statistics I have seen in quite a while, and it should be a solid foundation for anyone looking to increase their brand’s awareness. The question is, are these marketing statistics correct? I guess the only way to find out is to try what this suggests.

Optimind’s 30 Must Use Marketing Statistics Infographic

30 Vital Marketing Statistics Infographic

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