Real-Time Mobile Statistics Prove The Need To Move Businesses Online

In this digital age, everyone is glued to a screen for a majority of their lifespan. Be it shopping or socializing, our lives have moved to the internet. Physical communication is at an all time low and everything from business deals to marriage proposals are sealed online. The scale of this transition to web-based transactions might be hard to comprehend without actual data. These staggering real-time mobile statistics provided by AppInstitute serve as an eye opener.

In the blink of an eye, the number of Google searches on mobile devices shoot from zero to millions. In a matter of minutes, the revenue generated from Google Ads running on mobile platforms reaches six figures. Before you finish breakfast, hundreds of millions of WhatsApp messages are exchanged, and tens of thousands of purchases are made on Amazon using their mobile app.

With such stunning real-time mobile statistics, it is no surprise that in a span of 15 minutes, approximately 50,000 smartphones are sold worldwide. [pullquote]Mobile web usage is at its peak and the business giants are flourishing because they have dipped their fingers into this sea of unparalleled profits.[/pullquote] The commercial success of any brand highly relies on how well it harnesses the potential of mobile marketing. Any business without an app that makes its products accessible to the consumers with just a few clicks, is bound to fall behind.

One of the most common questions of the 21st century is, “Is there an app for that?”. In this scenario of heightened mobile web usage, internationally recognized brands like Starbucks and FoodPanda owe their success stories to the number of orders that are placed using smartphones and tablets. Even established businesses like airlines and travel agencies have managed to retain their clientele by making their websites mobile friendly. With the corporate behemoths already engulfing a huge slice of the pie, it is essential for any new business to pay utmost attention to the mobile marketing of their brand.

Social media is a huge contributor to the success or downfall of any company. As you peruse this article, millions of posts are uploaded, read and shared on different social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. The fate of your venture depends on whether or not a hashtag bearing the name of your brand trends on these platforms. Needless to say, the key to establishing a name for your brand among the masses is publicizing it on social media at all times of the day.

AppInstitute offers excellent resources for new businesses to establish an online footprint, especially on mobile devices. Their offerings include the App Builder, which allows you to create Android and iOS apps for your business without any hassles. You do not need to be a skilled coder to create an app that appeals to the smartphone users. App Builder provides the flexibility to build an app without writing a single line of code. With drag and drop modules and live support round the clock, App Builder allows you to create a powerful app for your business, which in turn guarantees you a chunk of the ever expanding online customer base. This tiny investment will go a long way in transforming your small business into a triumphant enterprise.

Have a look at these incredible real-time mobile statistics and marvel over what goes on over the Internet in just a minute. Be careful though, it’s addicting and it will get you glued to the screen for a long period of time.

Real-Time Mobile Statistics – The Power Of The Internet

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