Focus Hacks To Help You Concentrate & Get The Job Done [Chart]

We all have trouble focusing every now and then, but if you are a creative person, you might notice it more than others. We are easily distracted, and sometimes when we get an idea about something we want to run with it right then while the inspiration is high, but that can cause us to lose focus on the tasks we originally set out to accomplish for the day. It’s a constant push and pull, or at least it is for me. However, it’s important to know how to focus and concentrate to get the job done when you have a deadline.

Sometimes when I am able to get into the focusing zone, I’m shocked by the number of things I am able to accomplish by the end of the day. If I could only learn how to stay in that space of concentration more often, I’m sure I could get even more done. If you are working on a project that should have been finished a while ago, maybe a little more focus is all you need. After all, 95% of people say they have trouble focusing.

This chart below called How To Focus by Funders and Founders offers some focus hacks their team uses to help them focus and get the job done. For me, logging off all social media sites is a huge help when it comes to focusing. Also, I’ve found that just wearing headphones helps me get the job done. What I mean is…I’m one of those dorks who will put the headphones on and then forget to turn on the music, but I’ve found that it doesn’t even matter. Just wearing them makes me feel like I’m isolated in a box and I can concentrate for hours. What tricks have you come up with that help you focus and concentrate when you are on a deadline?

Focus Hacks To Help You Concentrate & Get The Job Done

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Header Image Credit: [Schoox]