Fully Customizable Packaging Options For Your Business

The challenges of the last year have driven even more small businesses to explore shipping their products. At the beginning of 2020 consumers were forced to shift their routine purchasing almost completely towards a delivery model. Even as restrictions have lifted many of the purchasing habits created have become ingrained.

It’s clear that shipping is going to be an essential part of almost every small business model from here on out. Because shipping has become such an integral piece of the new retail landscape it’s important to invest in the optics of your shipping materials in the same way you would invest in your product or brick and mortar design. One way to do this is with fully customizable packaging made just for your business needs.

Adding a whole new dimension to your design needs may sound overwhelming, but with a little bit of research, you’ll understand exactly why and how product packaging matters, the basics of custom packaging design, and how to choose the right packaging company to bring your designs to life.

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Why Shipping Packaging Matters For Your Business

There are so many reasons why packaging matters for your business. Some are utilitarian and others are more subjective. Here are the top two reasons why shipping packaging matters for your business:

Packaging Influences Perceived Value

Business owners know that product pricing is almost always determined by perceived value. The value a consumer believes a product to have and is, therefore, willing to pay often has very little correlation to the monetary value or production cost of the item. Thoughtfully designed, durable, and easy to open shipping boxes add perceived value to your product.

Conversely, shipping a high-end product in low-cost or cheap-looking packaging will lower the product’s perceived value. Often times your shipping materials will be the first physical experience a consumer has with your brand. You want to make sure you make a good impression.

Creating A Positive Shipping Experience

On the practical side, good shipping materials create a positive shipping experience. Have you ever ordered something, waited for it to arrive, gone out to get it from your front door only to find that the product was damaged during shipping. There’s almost nothing more disappointing.

A high-quality well-designed box can help protect your product during shipping. You can’t control everything about the shipping process but you can control how your product is packaged. This will create a more positive experience for your customers, and save you on refunding ruined inventory.

Custom Box Basics You Need To Know Before You Buy

The very first thing you need to think about when it comes to creating customized packaging for your business is your product’s unique shipping needs. You may wish to consider dimensions, fragility, temperature control, etc. Anything necessary to maintain the integrity of your product through the shipping process. If you’re having trouble visualizing your packaging needs look for a company that offers a 3D modeling tool to help bring your ideas to life.

As we mentioned earlier, a shipping box may be your brand’s first real-world impression on your consumer, so you’ll likely want to incorporate your brand’s ethics into your shipping materials. This can include logos, and care instructions, but it can also be more subtle. For instance, a brand with a strong focus on sustainability should consider packaging materials that are sourced from recycled materials and fully recyclable or compostable. Incorporating your brand’s values can be just as important as incorporating its graphic design elements.

Lastly, working with a company with plenty of experience is key. A rush of new companies moving into the shipping and logistics industry has created a lot of options to choose from, but there is no substitute for experience. You’ll want a company that creates their materials in-house so that they can work with you to fully customize your packaging.

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