How AI Will Reshape Marketing In 2019

Bloomberg states that artificial intelligence is the most disruptive force in technology in the twenty-first century because of how it impacts other established technologies. Humans have ever been preoccupied with building an intelligence close to our own in the way it processes data.

When we first built computers, visionaries like John von Neumann dreamt of the day when computing artificial intelligence would be akin to the human intelligence that has existed for millennia before them. Today, in 2019, we have witnessed how far AI technology has come in such a short space of time and how it can change perceptions and rewrite the way we see entire fields such as marketing.

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Defining Artificial Intelligence

Science Daily defines artificial intelligence as the development and examination of intelligent agents, where agents are self-perceiving and decision-making engines, based on input from their environment.

Artificial intelligence seeks to make a computer think like a human does and make the best decisions for itself given a set of parameters to base those decisions on. AI is inherently tied to machine learning since any intelligent being should be able to learn from its mistakes when those it discovers those mistakes exist.

Through machine learning, AI’s hone their skill in their determination of the best outcome given a particular set of rules. It’s this recursive power of examination that allows AI to learn faster and more efficiently than humans do. Adding more functionality through increasingly complex rule sets doesn’t faze the system nor does it tire out the individual agent which can process for hours on end without a break. AI’s offer a lot of benefits to having a human employee operating a particular but of hardware or software.

Digital Marketing And Artificial Intelligence

According to SalesForce, at least 61% of digital marketers use AI in some form or fashion. As previously mentioned, AI can offer a lot of benefits over a human, especially in repetitive tasks, such as operating chat windows or dealing with standard customer service issues. Specifically, AI can be beneficial in more than just customer service since it allows us to draw unique insights from the data it collects.

Through the collection of data, either through purchase information or through support window interactions, an AI can plan where the business is best served advertising, or what it needs to focus on regarding the business to increase customer satisfaction. Two of the major adoptions of AI in digital business models are:

1. Automated Chat Bot Services

Chat Bots are the most common usage of artificial intelligence and thanks to the sophistication of these systems, they can provide a stellar customer support experience with attached custom software development services. Not only are they available for helping customers with issues, but they are also an efficient addition to a sales team in order to deliver a better customer experience.

There is nothing more comforting as a customer than having a sales representative that is focused on your own needs. As these bots learn how humans communicate more, they can become more effective as handling orders, even the most complex and picky ones that a client may have.

2.Recommended Products

There is a standard joke that Facebook or Google is reading your mind since they manage to predict what you want to buy most of the time, and you stumble across ads for that product you were thinking about while scrolling your newsfeed or a random web page. Targeted advertising has a much more effective turnover rate than the old method of playing the numbers game and seeing what sticks.

Artificial intelligence, armed with the preferences or search history of any given human being can then scour the internet and its collection of partner brands and discover just the right type of product that this individual will be interested in, then serve those up as ads that can link the buyer to the seller. It’s one of the most innovative and helpful uses of AI to date, and offers a glimpse into how powerful this system can be when given enough data and time to process it.

Digital Marketing’s New Frontier

There are a lot of things that we have yet to figure out when it comes to digital marketing. AI is a brilliant technology, but it’s only as smart as we can direct it to be. To date it can’t come up with ideas, only implement the ideas we already have in a way that allows us better insights into the data it collects and processes.

However, as time goes by, we may witness digital marketing AI’s become more adept at spotting where businesses underperform and suggesting changes that could shore up those shortcomings. Until that time, we can look forward to having efficient, effective business processes helmed by skilled AI that’s almost as good as a human running them.

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