How To Become A Brand Ambassador

Over the past year, many people have been reassessing their career paths. Some might be enjoying the work from home life and wanting to make it permanent, some might be looking for a more flexible career to balance caring responsibilities, and some might have been made unemployed because of restrictions on their employment sector.

One job that can offer remote working (at least some of the time), flexible hours, and a decent income is that of brand ambassador. Ever heard the term before? Read on and find out what it is, whether it’s a fit for you, and how to become a brand ambassador.

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What Is A Brand Ambassador?

Brand ambassadors (aka corporate ambassador or influencer) are people that represent a company or its products/services to the general public, which enhances brand awareness and image, to increase sales. In the past, celebrities would have been brand ambassadors but nowadays people want to get advice on what to buy from someone like them.

Brand ambassadors work within a community, perhaps a local area, or online amongst groups that the brand is targeting, getting them excited about the products available. For instance, a babywear brand might want its ambassador to reach out to parents at baby groups or online via a blog.

They are typically able to do most of their work without stepping foot in an office and can generally choose their hours. Great for parents, unpaid carers, students, and those who are more productive outside of the typical 9-5 working hours.

Tasks will vary based on the company, the products, and whether the ambassadorship is online, in person, or both, but here is an idea of some key duties.

Digital In-person
Posting about a product on social media, message boards, or chat groups. (This might involve using chosen hashtags, getting a good image of the product, and even answering questions about the product from other internet users.) Distributing marketing materials and promotional giveaways, like branded water bottles, pens, and tote bags. (Sometimes this means getting them printed with the brand name and your contact details. To find out how to do this cheaply, click here.)
Writing reviews on aggregator sites or personal blogs. Wearing branded clothing items, like t-shirts or hats, to raise awareness and identify you as an expert in that field.
Inviting friends, relatives, and people you know to events on social media. Running tables at events or conferences, which might involve giving out samples or doing product demonstrations.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Becoming A Brand Ambassador

If this sounds like a great job, then read on to find out how to get started as a brand ambassador in four simple steps.

1. Look For Compatible Brands

Businesses want brand ambassadors that share their values, are in their target demographic and have certain marketing skills. For example, sportswear brands aren’t likely to pick someone who regularly posts about hating exercise, but they also aren’t likely to pick the gym-rat who can’t take a decent photo of the workout gear.

Pick a smaller brand that you like and research it. Not just the products but the brand ethos, social issues it supports, and the influencers it already has. If it’s similar to the content you already produce, then go ahead, but don’t change your whole persona to fit in. Brands and consumers will be able to tell if you’re not being true to yourself and they won’t like it.

2. Increase Engagement

In order to get brand deals, you need to first show that you are an influencer in a community, which means increasing likes, comments, and shares on your posts. The first step is always well-shot pictures and interesting text, but you can back this up by commenting on other blogs or social posts in the sphere.

Also important is to interact with the brand on social media. Tag them in a post about a product of theirs you bought (even if it’s not a new one), as well as leaving likes and comments on their posts. The people running their socials will be looking for this and, if you have a decent following, will message you with opportunities.

3. Create A Following

Once you’ve increased engagement you should have gained online followers who view you as a trusted source. This is vital even if you’re an in-person influencer because you’ll have to advertise your appearance at certain events, as well as invite friends. The more followers; the more money you can make.

Your audience needs to be involved beyond liking your posts though, so make an effort to ask your followers for their opinions, respond to their comments or direct messages, and invite them to attend groups in person. A personal touch like this will draw more people in.

4. Contact Brands

After identifying the companies that you’d like to work with and building a sizable following, reach out to businesses to find out whether they are hiring and what they’d be looking for in a brand ambassador. You could do this on social media, by email, or in person at events or their offices. (They might even advertise their open posts on job sites or their company site.)

Tell them why you’d be a great fit, highlight posts you’re particularly proud of, and show the engagement stats from your social media channels and blog. Repeat until successful and don’t just stick with one brand.

So that’s the trick to becoming a brand ambassador. It’s hard work, but also rewarding and flexible. At first, while building your following, you’ll have to work in your spare time, but when you make enough to quit your job, it’ll be worth it.

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