How To Chose A Project Management Tool

It’s hard to pick the best creative agency project management software among all of those that are on the market. It seems that you have to have a strategy to pick one since it has to meet all the personal and team requirements.

It’s no doubt you even have parameters that have to be satisfied. For some, it can be the budget for the software. Others may need software that supports another app. In any case, there is no specific answer to how to pick creative project management tools.

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Choosing the correct project management tools for creative teams can significantly optimize time. For instance, allowing for a visual representation of ideas, like mind mapping, can simplify complex concepts and streamline brainstorming sessions.

Mind mapping by Nulab offers a robust mind-mapping tool that caters specifically to these needs, making it a favorite among many creative professionals. Conversely, a poorly selected tool might hinder your team’s efficiency.

When evaluating various other creative project management tools, consider the following criteria:
Team size
Integration options
Ability to review the work
Guest access
File storage ability and capacity

Once you’ve assessed your options based on these criteria, dive deeper into your top choices to make an informed final decision.

Steps To Pick the Best App

Check out the following tips on how you can pick the best creative agency project management software for your team.

1. List Top Options

How many apps have you found that you want to try out? You should have a list of all of those software and see all the tools, options, and characteristics they offer.

Don’t forget to add Krock’s creative agency project management software as they offer various workspaces, create custom pipelines and templates, set assignments, share working progress, and integrate the solution into other popular solutions like Google Meet and Drive, Slack, Zoom, Jitsi, etc.

2. Test Your Options

Since you have your criteria and the list of favorite options, you have to test them all yourself. Go through each of those creative project management tools. You’ll have some time to look closely and deeper into the possibilities of those software solutions and decide which options might suit your team.

Before starting, you can also ask your team what they would like to see in the app. And the features like intuitive use and user-friendly interface are nonnegotiable. They are must-haves.

3. Test Options With Your Team

When you have decided on the options yourself, you need to communicate with your team and see how they like the options you’ve selected. It is quite easy, but this is how you can pick the best solution that your team will actually use. There is a way you can test it for your team:

  • Give them permission to use the software on different levels
  • Create the sense of a working process in this environment (assign tasks, etc.)
  • Work on notifications
  • Share different files, calendars, accesses, etc.
  • Assign deadlines
  • Complete deadlines

This will help your team to understand whether they really like the offered creative agency project management software and will they actually use it.

4. Get Feedback

Before moving on and picking the creative agency project management software, ask your team for feedback on the tested solutions. It will help you make your final decision which might save you time, budget, and sleep if you listen to your team.

You can run a questionnaire or ask each team member one on one if you have time for that. Ask about tools they’ve tried, what they’ve liked, and what they haven’t liked. Based on that information, you can understand whether you’ve found the best solution or you need to go back and search again.


Hopefully, you can find the best creative agency project management software easily. As far as it goes, the best one we’ve seen is Krock, which has plenty of intuitive tools and a user-friendly design. But it’s up to you and your team to find the best option that will fit you best.

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