How To Create A Memorable Brand Identity For Your Online Shop

With the rise of online retail and the events of 2020 seeing an influx in online orders, creating a strong online presence has never been more important for a brand. There are many online stores, in fact, the value of online retail sales in the UK in 2019 was £76billion – and there has been a climb year on year, since 2012.

If you’re in a saturated market, you will need to stand out and set yourself apart from the competition, here are our top tips to getting noticed and building a strong and memorable identity for your online shop.

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Brand Name

Choosing a brand name is one of the hardest things. The best names highlight what you do if you want to sell cakes, having “bakery” or “cakes” in the name will be good. Not only does this make it clear to potential customers, but it can help with your SEO. If you sell cookies in Cambridge as an example, calling yourself The Cambridge Cookie Co. could be beneficial. Then, if people search for cookies in Cambridge, you have a chance of being found.


You should look at having a memorable logo. If you’re not a graphic designer and you’re not trained in creating logos, you should hire someone to create you one. You will need your logo to make a statement and capture the audience. Let’s think about some of the most iconic logos (most of which are just a styled name):

  • Amazon: A smile from A to Z
  • Google: Multi-coloured letters and recently the multi-colored G on its own
  • Coca-cola: Spencerian script writing
  • McDonald’s: Yellow ‘M’
  • Apple: An apple with a bite taken out.

You should try and aim to get a logo that is timeless and is memorable at a glance. It doesn’t need to be extravagant, some of the most famous ones above are the simplest.

Show Your Personality

Decide on your tone of voice. You will want to show your personality to attract your target audience and you can do this with the tone you use. If you’re wanting to be personable, you can talk directly to the customer and add some personal flair such as: “we really like this product and think you will love it just as much”. Once you’ve picked your style, you should ensure you remain consistent, if your tone is personable and relaxed, don’t try and slip into formal talk.

Don’t Forget About Print

Print and online go hand in hand and together can help you get traffic to your website. Once your online shop is open, there’s no harm in posting flyers or business cards through the doors of your neighbors and beyond. This can be done using your home printer, simply design the marketing material and print it off – invest in high-quality ink to ensure your pages look professional.

Creating a memorable brand identity can be done with dedication, consistency, and knowledge of your customers. Take your time in developing your brand and it could become instantly recognizable over time.

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