How To Cut Fleet Costs Using Tracking

Although you drive your business, its success can depend on how your fleet is driven too. This is because company vehicles cost money to run, and even if they are the mainstay of your business, they must generate more profit than they cost to run in order to keep your business strong and moving forward. Luckily many methods can be employed to be able to cut fleet costs, and one way to bring these together is to use a fleet tracking system.

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What Is Fleet Tracking?

Fleet tracking is a vehicle management system generally used by businesses that own a fleet of vehicles that use a variety of routes. The system uses GPS combined with software to collect data such as driving/delivery routes and driving habits, and it is this information that will then help the fleet manager, supervisor, or company owner to make decisions on how to cut costs and run the fleet more efficiently.

Trackershop enables you to do just this by offering a wide range of Fleet Trackers that give you full control over the data they provide. Gaining an overview of your individual fleet’s activity will enable you to start then cutting costs (meaning your tracker quickly pays for itself) by considering the following areas:-

Looking At The Individual Driving Costs

Ensuring each and every one of your drivers is performing at their best is a sure-fire way to cut costs. Picking the most efficient routes is essential, but so is monitoring individual driving habits to ensure drivers are staying en route and on the roads, they are meant to be on.

Tracking telematics can also help to identify drivers who may be erratic in their driving habits so that they can be corrected. Trackers provide reports detailing such things as excessive speed or idling in real-time so that the driver can then be educated.

Simple tips such as advising employees not to leave their vehicle engine idling when the vehicle is stationary for any length of time and “coasting” instead of keeping their feet pressed always on the accelerator pedal can build up to significant savings over time.

Ensuring your employees are driving smoothly decreases wear and tear on their vehicle as well as fuel consumption, which is usually one of the highest costs for fleet operation. Even reducing speed by 10 miles an hour can mean a 9% saving in fuel usage.

Additional Savings On Fuel And Insurance Costs

As well as cutting fuel costs by driving style, many fuel cards also come with access to online analytics tools. Together with your fleet tracking, this allows you to keep track of fuel expenditure and cut costs where indicated. Most insurance providers will also offer lower premiums where trackers are in use.

Route Planning

Whether your business is delivery or sales-based, one of the most effective ways to cut fleet costs is by using fleet tracking to plan the most efficient driving routes for your employees. Not only does the data provided enable the maximum amount of work to be carried out in the minimum time, but tracking can also quickly re-route in the event of road closures or accidents.

It can also help you to plan for events such as employees being able to share a vehicle (and tracking) for deliveries or meetings happening in the same area. Many customers quickly discover that fleet tracking not only helps them to literally keep an eye on their vehicles 24/7 but helps them cut their costs 24/7, too, which puts your company at a substantial financial and operational advantage!

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