How Do Native Ads Work?

Native ads, like any other form of advertising, are paid advert placements, or sponsored posts like you’d see on many web pages or social media feeds.

But unlike the traditional advertising approach, native advertising involves creating information-rich content that blends seamlessly with the look and function of the media in which they appear, so much that they don’t look or feel like an ad. That way, advertisers can increase the likelihood of their target audience interacting and engaging with their message.

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How Native Advertisements Work

The concept behind native ads is that they look like any other usual content on the platform where they appear.

In other words, they are designed to not look like a typical banner that people see and ignore, but rather, as a piece of useful information that you might be interested In, while still creating awareness for a product, service, or brand.

You’ve probably seen a lot of them on google search results, your social media news feeds, or as a content recommendation or sponsored post on a web page.

Native advertising involves two parties:  publishers with large audiences who’re looking to monetize their platform, and advertisers who want to reach an audience in an attempt to hit their goal by creating awareness, generating more leads, and increasing sales.

First, the brand pays for their content to be placed on the platform they want to advertise on. Just like any other advertising venture, it’s important to choose the right platform. Because it’s important to place your content where a sizable number of your target audience can see it. Then the native content is created to feel and look like other normal stuff that’s found on that platform.

After creating the content, during publishing on the platform, it is tagged with inscriptions like “paid advertisement”, “advertisement”, or “sponsored” as a means of transparency. The tip here is that these kinds of content are basically like every other content on the platform, and are designed to make you click.

Why Native Ads?

People are becoming more resistant to traditional advertising approaches. Online banners are increasingly getting ignored. With native ads, brands have a greater chance of getting their target audience to consume their message.

This has so far proven to be a profitable approach, as research reveals that consumers are 20 – 60% more likely to interact and engage with native content than they would with a  traditional banner ad.

The reason for their success is partly because they don’t feel like an advertisement, thus, they’re better received by the target audience. As a result, more people are likely to view and consume your message.


The concept of how native ads work is simple to understand. It just requires you to come up with content that your target customer will like to click on and choose a suitable platform to get your brand message in front of a good number of your target audience.

A lot of marketers are already leveraging this powerful strategy, if you’re not yet on the train, what’s stopping you?

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