How To Drastically Improve Online Presence With Local SEO

In today’s day and age, no business can function without utilizing search engines. We have found that companies large and small are realizing the need for excellent online marketing. Let’s explore a few quality tactics with high impact.

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Local SEO – What Is It?

Search Engine Optimisation is the practice of optimizing your website and its content to be found easily by Google and Users who search for your services. This involves many different tactics and it is common knowledge amongst SEO Specialists that Google has over 200 ‘tick boxes’ which they will analyze regarding your website.

When we speak about ‘local SEO’, we are referring to specific tactics to target location-based customers and location-based searches. For example, someone may search for ‘Italian restaurant in High Wycombe’ which indicates they are in High Wycombe and they are wanting to eat Italian food.

The element of ‘local’ means the website content and technical aspects should be targeting these types of geo focused search queries. The same principle goes for any region around the globe.

What Is The Difference Between Traditional SEO And Local SEO?

Many local SEO companies define their local SEO strategies to be laser-focused on specific regions with connections and external links to other local websites and directories which will prove their authenticity and online presence.

Traditional SEO would utilize a wider range of global factors which also include various tactics within local SEO. One of the differences you would see in local SEO compared to traditional global scale marketing is the use of Google my Business as well as local reviews.

Google My Business is extremely useful to ensure that your contact details are correct and working. You will have the chance to add your full name, business address, and phone number (NAP) to your GMB profile.

Furthermore, the GMB platform provides a wealth of other tools to help you increase your client base from Google. For example, you can upload any updates relating to your business as well as posts relating to service updates, specials, images, or articles.

Adding your business to Google is one of the most essential steps you can take within your local SEO campaign and ensures that your details are correct and also ensures that you will have more space on Google.

Optimizing Pages For Local Business Searches

If a company is trying to target a specific location it makes sense to speak about this within the page copy as well as to add the desired location in the headings of the page too.

By adding links to the service pages which are location-based will help too. Webmasters can also utilize citation links (business directory links) to build an online profile and to verify your presence.

Local citations will also help with:

  • Ensuring all contact details are accurate and working (NAP).
  • Customers can engage with you with instant access to call you or follow directions to your business.
  • In the body copy of the page, be sure to add variations of the specific keyword or service you are offering which includes your target location.
  • Search engines will also be able to gather more information about your page by viewing your web page address (URL) so be sure to add this here too.

A good example of this would be the following page address which shows us a very specific and niche service offering and the area which this business is targeting:

This URL indicates to us that this company provides a tree surveying service in North West Manchester. This will make it easier for both Google and users to see and understand.


Always approach your local SEO as a customer and try to imagine what your audience would like to see in your page copy. Run frequent checks to ensure that all online mentions or citations of your website contain the correct name, address, phone number, and website address.

Try to target the location of your company and service in a natural manner throughout your page content as well as in headers in the content. By implementing these suggestions and constantly monitoring your performance, you will be able to tweak and update any elements in order to improve traffic and customers.

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