How To Expand Your Roofing Business Online

There are several reasons why people go for professional roofing contractors and one of these is the expertise that they can offer in terms of roofing services. This ensures the clients of the quality of work that the professionals can deliver while ensuring the safety and security, not only of the homeowners but their staff as well. However, like with all other businesses, even roofing contractors now need to go digital to widen their market reach and generate a positive revenue which paves the way for the longevity of their business.

If you have a roofing business and you are looking into expanding your services through online avenues, then the approaches below will help you grow your market in the digital world.

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Website Creation

One of the primary ways on how you will be able to expand your roofing business online is by creating an official website that will establish your presence in the digital world. Think of your roofing website as a business card that will give your prospective clients an overview of what your company can offer. In this case, your website should be clear, informative, and easy to navigate.

Qualities Of A Good Website

Clear Identity

It is not enough that you create a website for your roofing business, but you need to ensure that your website is great and commendable. In this case, it will help if you establish a clear identity by having a solid domain name. Your domain name should be memorable and easy for your clients to spell, such that the use of double letters or hyphens proves to be ineffective. You may end up losing visitors in case they key in a misspelled domain name and be redirected to another site.

Visible Contact Information

Your website should also provide ways for your prospective clients to get in touch with you. This is the reason why you should see to it that you have visible contact information on your website. In addition to this, it should be easy for the visitors of your site to find your contact details, which means that they should not need to be redirected in several other pages before they take note of how to reach you. As much as possible, place your contact details or link on the main navigation page or on the upper right-hand corner of your website where users are most likely to find it easily.

Excellent Content

Fill your website with relevant and informative information about your roofing business while keeping in mind that your content is not only accurate but interesting and well-communicated as well. Statistics show that internet users tend to have short attention spans, which means that you need to capture their attention within the first few seconds that they land on your page. You can accomplish this through concise and clear content that is written impeccably.

Paid Advertising

Another way to expand your roofing business online is by leveraging paid advertising. The process is comparable to the manual method of posting an ad in the classifieds section on a daily paper. But rather than in a paper, you will purchase ad spots either in search engines or in websites, in an attempt to attract more visitors to your site. Rest assured that the placement of the ads is usually in a strategic location that is easily seen by web surfers.

Bidding Strategies

Two of the most common bidding strategies in paid advertising includes the cost-per-mile (CPM) or cost-per-thousand, and pay-per-click (PPC) or cost-per-click. With CPM, you pay a fixed and one-time price for the number of impressions that you pay. While CPM does not guarantee clicks to your link, you are sure that your site is visible to internet users. On the other hand, for PPC, you need to pay each time a user clicks on your link. This bidding strategy provides a better chance of conversion compared to CPM.

Paid Ad Formats

You can explore several formats of paid ads but two of the most common ones include the search ads and the display ads. The search ads show up in the pages of the search engine, blending in as a search result themselves. They are often distinguished by a small text that reads “ad” or “sponsored”. On the contrary, display ads appear on various websites. Display ads vary in size and orientation, depending on the layout of the website where they appear.

Search Engine Optimization

You can expand your roofing business online not only by paid advertising but by searching for organic traffic too. According to the digital roofing experts behind Roofing SEO Bros, one of the best ways to increase organic traffic to your site is by the implementation of an effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that will help your page land the top spot in the search engine results. In line with this, below are some of the most effective SEO techniques that are guaranteed to drive organic traffic to your site.

Target Local Searches

As a roofing business, most of your clients will come from your locality, which is the main reason why you should target local searches. You can do this by ensuring that your directory listings are updated because the algorithms of the search engines often depend on these details to provide relevant results for local searches.

Make sure to take advantage of Google’s free-to-use listing service because after all, Google is currently the largest search engine in the online world. After this, consider building more directory listings using local data aggregators so that you don’t have to reenter the same information over and over again.

Focus On Topic Clusters

While certain SEO strategies focus on the use of keywords, your roofing business can benefit more if your focus on topic clusters instead. This is because the algorithms of the search engines are being constantly updated to understand the intention of their users, such as what they are looking for and what they expect to find. In this case, you need to concentrate on the context or the user intent rather than on the keywords alone.

You can do this by exerting the extra effort in getting to know your target market. After this, make sure to organize your content into clusters which entails having a pillar page, as well as cluster pages. This will satisfy user intent, turning your website into a better resource.

Concentrate On Your Content

For an effective SEO technique, you need to focus on your content, ensuring that what you have posted in your site is grammatically error-free and relevant to what your users are looking for. You have the liberty of going for an article-length that you deem is sufficient but statistics show that a 2000-word article seems to be ideal.

In case you lack the motivation to write a new post for your website, you can update your previous content but you need to do this strategically. You can also add some infographics to your page to engage users and reduce your bounce rate. After all, most internet users tend to understand visuals more compared to text.

Enhance User Experience

Search engine algorithms are constantly being updated to ensure that they only show relevant and trustworthy sites. If your website looks outdated, difficult to navigate, or slow to load, then you can expect that you may not make it to the top spot of the search results. In this case, it is a good idea to makeover your site to enhance the user experience.

Minimize the number of your pages if necessary to make it easy for your users to navigate through your site. Make your posts easy to read too by writing shorter paragraphs with mixed sentence lengths. The layout of your site contents matters as well, along with the color theme that you implement. All these will guarantee that your bounce rate is low, which means that your users are kept engaged.

Make Your Site Responsive

More and more people are now using their smartphones and mobile devices to surf the internet and look for the information that they need. This is the reason why you need to ensure that your website is responsive and optimized for mobile devices. Your website should adjust accordingly when displayed in the smaller screens of handheld gadgets.

Create A Backlink Portfolio

A diverse backlink portfolio can also significantly help in your SEO strategy. Links from sites with a high authority that redirects users to your website are known as backlinks. These links, in turn, build the authority of your site but keep in mind that links from low domain authority sites may prove to be of no value.


Blogging can help connect people to your roofing business because this can develop and strengthen your relationship with new and existing customers. This is because, through blogging, you will be able to connect to them more conversationally. Make sure that you have an active comment section to allow your site’s visitors to respond to your posts, generating a valuable interaction not only between you and them but among each other.

Blogging is also a way for you to share your expertise which can in turn build your credibility. In the long run, it is most likely that your blogs will be the “go-to” tool when people search for roofing contractors or any information related to this field. Thus, blogging will help establish your business as an industry leader and it also creates an opportunity for your viewers to share your blog posts, expanding your reach.

Social Media Marketing

With more and more people now having an account on various social media platforms, it is a great technique to leverage these platforms in promoting your business. This is known as social media marketing which may sound intimidating but proves to be effortless to implement if you establish some of the most important metrics. In line with this, some of the metrics that you should keep an eye on including the reach, clicks, engagement, hashtag performance, sentiment, as well as organic and paid likes.

Take time to analyze your results and identify the areas where you can further improve. Aside from the metrics that you need to monitor, it will also help to set realistic but meaningful social media marketing goals. You can also analyze your competition and of course, make timeliness a priority. You should also create and post engaging content that social media users will find hard not to share.

Email Marketing

You can expand the reach of your roofing business online through email marketing. To build an email list, create a signup form on your website or a form for newsletter sign-ups. You can also install a pop-up to collect customer data from the visitors of your site. You can even drive email sign-ups through social media channels.

To add more subscribers to your email list, make sure that your emails are easy to share. There is also the option for you to hold a contest or offer a discount. Otherwise, build a landing page that will give potential clients a clear call to action. Just keep in mind that you should not go for purchased lists because these prove to be ineffective in expanding your online market reach.

In this modern-day and age, businesses already need to leverage online avenues to expand their market reach, even roofing contractors. In line with this, take an extra effort to create an official website for your roofing business and learn about paid online advertising. The former will help you establish a strong online presence, especially if you implement an SEO technique that will make you more visible to more web surfers.

There is also the option for you to start blogging because sharing your expertise will surely help build the credibility of your business. Other online marketing ventures that you can consider include the use of social media or emails. All these are geared towards ensuring that you get a fair share of the market through the online world.

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