How To Get Business Leads From LinkedIn

LinkedIn is excellent prospecting and lead generation software. But there are a lot of businesses out there who aren’t sure exactly how to use the LinkedIn platform to generate leads and increase sales.

However, if you want to generate B2B leads with LinkedIn content and reach, you need to develop a LinkedIn leads generating strategy that works. And trust us, it’s not as difficult as you might think!

Don’t wait! Just go ahead and put your LinkedIn marketing skills to good use. To learn more, scroll down and read the post. We’ve listed everything you need to know about “How to Get Leads from LinkedIn” here.

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LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy

If you are a newbie let us clarify that generating leads with LinkedIn means all the activities and strategies a business uses to attract potential clientele. But why is generating leads so vital?

With sustaining, potential buyers can become paying customers that will use the products and drive revenue. However, below we have listed points on how to generate leads from LinkedIn.

Make Sure Your Executives Have A Strong LinkedIn Presence

When you first get started on LinkedIn, it can be tricky to commit your initial efforts. In case you are new to LinkedIn and don’t have a profile set up, follow the below steps:

  1. It is important to have an existing LinkedIn profile page. To create one, visit the LinkedIn homepage and click on the “Join Now” button.
  2. Once you create a profile, locate the “Work” dropdown menu and select “Create a Company Page.”
  3. A new page will be open with the options:
  • Small business
  • Medium to large business
  • Showcase page
  • Educational institution
  1. Choose the option and provide information about your business:
  • Page Identity
  • Company Details
  • Profile Details
  1. Check the verification box and ensure you are an authorized representative of the organization.
  2. Now Click on the “Create Page,” and you’re ready to start building your page!

Lastly, make sure your executives have a strong LinkedIn presence with valuable content related to your industry.

Create A Powerful Linkedin Page

Once you are ensured your executives have a strong LinkedIn presence, it’s time to create an impressive page. Make sure your page is active with valuable content and contributing to conversations already happening on LinkedIn.

However, having a profile is one step ahead of generating leads on LinkedIn. You also want to gain new followers, drive traffic to your website, create business opportunities, optimize your profile using OctopusCRM LinkedIn profile writing service.

Post Relevant Content And Updates

Your LinkedIn page/profile should be powerful. If not, consider posting industry-relevant content like videos. This will level up your profile as a knowledgeable source and trustworthiness with potential customers. Hence, once your business page is recognized as insightful and valuable, you will automatically develop connections with other professionals who fit your ideal customer profile.

So, what exactly one should post on the LinkedIn page?

Blog Posts Include some sort of teaser text, or perhaps
Third Party Content Post engaging, reputable content from other publishers.
Simple Text Write vintage, authentic, and accessible simple message using hashtags
Photography and Illustrations Use meaningful imagery
Native Video Consider creating short recaps or animation videos.
GIFs, screenshots, case studies, and more  


But don’t stop here! Become regular on your client’s feed by posting content often, and it will make it easier for you to initiate further conversations. Besides, follow your page analytics regularly to figure out that you are creating relevant content that people want to see or not and then act accordingly.

Join LinkedIn Groups Your Clients And Customers Are In

Joining LinkedIn groups is a better way to quickly and seamlessly find quality prospects. But make sure you select the group relevant to your industry and have an idea of your ideal prospect. In such a way, you can target potential people who will be approachable to your message and product.

When joining a group, consider a few things:

  • Group Size
  • Group Rules
  • Level of Engagement

You can also create your group, but it can be time-consuming. However, if you want to find the relevant group per your industry, conduct a “groups” search under the “Work” dropdown menu.

Use Paid Products To Ensure Your Content Reaches Your Intended Audience

LinkedIn offers paid advertising options, including PPC ads that work similarly to Google AdWords. But there are small-scale businesses that may be cautious of putting money on LinkedIn paid campaigns. But in reality, LinkedIn is the top paid and organic channel for B2B businesses.

Ensure You Have Strong Sales And Marketing Alignment

There is a huge shift in consumer buying behavior. Now, they research online and use marketing content to make their final buying decision. So, it is really important to align your sales and marketing teams.

Leverage Connections With Current Customers And Clients

The main benefit of LinkedIn is networking, and you can use this feature to generate leads. Try to connect with your existing customers and clients on LinkedIn and find out who their industry connections are, as they may be of interest to you as well. If you have relationships with existing customers that you connect with, ask for referrals or learn how to get in touch with a connection that matches your customer profile.

Also, when connecting with new prospects, be sure to use a warm approach. It means that you already know them a little and can immediately make proposals relevant to their interests, giving them value from the start.

Maintain A Consistent Presence On The Platform

Did you know that LinkedIn also needs consistency, as your other social media platforms demand? If you only post an article once a week, that means you’re not establishing a consistent presence with your relationships.

Rather, be regular on your LinkedIn page. It would help to communicate consistently with your prospects, as disappearing in the middle of a conversation is not a good idea and could prevent them from doing business with you.


LinkedIn acts as a powerful networking system for businesses and can also help them generate new leads and sales. However, implementing the above LinkedIn marketing strategy you can generate leads effectively.

Also, LinkedIn is continuously growing, so keep an eye on it as you can find new and smarter ways to utilize it. You’ll want to be there, ready to dive in and generate leads.

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