How To Get Maximum Benefit Out Of Each Guest Post

Guest posting is a content marketing tactic that helps you reach a new audience, increases brand awareness, gives backlinks, and brings traffic to your website that actually converts. It’s a time-consuming task of getting backlinks, but all its benefits make it worth the effort.

Since you are investing your resources and time in a guest posting campaign, you should do your best to get the maximum value out of each article. Many experts ignore some little things that impact the effectiveness of each post. Here I have shared what you need to do to get the best out of your guest posting campaign.

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Acquire An Outreach Service

Guest posting usually needs to be done in a short time. You have strict deadlines to follow, but it’s a task with multiple processes.

  • You have to find relevant sites and their emails.
  • Reach out to them to see if they would be interested in publishing your post.
  • Make a deal with them for your article with Do-Follow links.
  • Write an article that meets your purpose and follows the publisher’s editorial guidelines.
  • Send the post to the webmaster before time to get it published on time.

This process normally takes weeks and months, and you don’t have just one post to publish. If you keep trying to do it all by yourself, you won’t be able to follow deadlines nor perform your best quality work. Instead of pushing your luck, you should find the best blogger outreach service that can make your time-consuming task easy for you.

They will get you the most relevant sites of every DA and traffic and makes deals with them while you focus on writing useful posts. As they are professionals, they already have a huge network of bloggers and complete their job within hours. It will ensure you get the best quality work done even in the shortest deadlines.

Follow Audience Personas

It’s suggested to create audience personas before you get started with any marketing campaign. It helps you understand the people you are trying to convince to become your customer. You will be able to find the most relevant people and communicate better if you know them. Without audience personas, you might keep targeting people who have no interest in what you offer, wasting a lot of your time and resources.

It’s impossible to write a copy that gives a personalized touch and connects with the reader if you don’t know who he is. It’s like throwing an arrow in the dark and hoping it hits the target. Follow your audience personas when finding publishing sites and writing guest posts. You will see that guest posts planned with personas bring more return.

Deliver A Research And Experience-Based Article

Your goal should be to impress the readers, so they try your services or products. Many are satisfied with just a Do-Follow link they get. It will, without a doubt, increase the authority of your site, but why ignore the potential customers an opportunity to become a brand in the same investment. You only have to work smart to achieve these extraordinary goals.

In order to impress the readers, you must provide them value. Write guest posts that provide useful information based on research and your experience that the readers wouldn’t find anywhere else. This presents you as an industry expert who knows what he is talking about. This builds a relationship of trust between you and prospects that read your articles. People would prioritize to do business with someone who is an expert and trustworthy compared to a random website on the internet.

Don’t Use Sales Language

The twenty-first century is very reluctant about advertisements. They won’t even hear you if they feel like you are advertising or selling something, even it’s something they need. Remember, the goal is to impress readers in each guest post – using sales language is not the way to do it. Even if you plan on mixing it with a research-based article, it is suggested to avoid it. You may have to use a naked URL or brand name as anchor text, which could make it difficult, but try to use them discretely and properly mix them with the context.

Put The Link In The Right Place

Most writers don’t plan this. For them, using the link at a place where it naturally fits is the right approach – which is correct. However, you should go the extra mile with each guest post to plan it with more consideration. Your goal should be to use the link at a place where the reader is more likely to click it. They won’t click the link if they are not yet mentally ready, even if it is natural and placed correctly. You should think from the reader’s perspective to decide this.

Make It Search Engine Optimized

Each guest post becomes a source of traffic for your website. The more traffic a post gets, the more of it will be directed to your website. While you should choose a website with high domain authority and traffic, you can’t just rely on its regular traffic to bring you leads. It’s highly unlikely that the website owner would promote or share a guest post.

You should take this matter into your own hands and write search engine optimized posts that should rank in search engines like Google. The article will get more traffic if it’s ranked in the top results of Google search, and it will keep benefitting you as long as it’s relevant.

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