How To Hire Dedicated React Developers In Ukraine

Welcome, developer’s community. Today, I am going to speak about how to hire dedicated React Developers in Ukraine. Yes, Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe that has enormous potential in the IT-sphere.

Let me show you some statistics and facts in order to make the situation with the informational technologies market in Ukraine more clear for you. The Ukrainian IT market has been doubled over the last four years and reached 184,700 IT specialists.

The IT market has become one of the main areas for the export of services in Ukraine and brings in about $ 5 billion a year. According to the CEE report for 2019, the software development sector in the country grew by 19% in 2020.

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According to organizations such as the World Bank, PwC, and IT Ukraine, the Ukrainian IT market is as follows:

  • In Ukraine, more than 1,600 companies engaged in IT services;
  • Employees reserve of the IT-sphere in Ukraine – 185,000 specialists;
  • Today there are more than 4,000 technology companies on the market;
  • More than 100 companies from the Fortune list (ranking of large global companies) are clients of Ukrainian IT companies;
  • Information and communication technologies (ICT) are the third largest industry, accounting for 20% of all Ukrainian exports of services.

Surveys of Ukrainian IT specialists showed that 67% of them live in Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Lviv. According to Stack Overflow, there are about 68,500 software developers in Kyiv, which is 37% of the entire Ukrainian amount of IT professionals.

Lviv is the second largest IT center in Ukraine. The city employs more than 20,000 IT professionals and about 317 IT companies, most of which provide software outsourcing services to clients in the United States and Western Europe.

When you decide to hire a React software developer from Ukraine, you can expect not only a good result and a perfect product for your business; you can also rely on the perspectives that this collaboration can give to you.

There is no reason to doubt the prospects of IT in Ukraine. The only question is what place and role Ukraine will take on a global scale and what importance it will occupy for the country’s economy.

So far, the share of Ukrainian IT in the world is about 1%. The global demand for IT services in the field of digital business transformation will continue. In the next 3-5 years, it is expected that the number of specialists in the IT industry will increase to 200-300 thousand as new companies will appear on the market.

It is difficult to give a forecast for GDP (gross domestic product) now; the further development of the industry will depend on the volume of external orders of customers and internal country factors. In my opinion, the industry has the potential for annual growth of 22-25%.

But IT is objectively difficult to fight for the role of the locomotive of the economy with the basic industries – the agro-industrial complex, metallurgy, and mechanical engineering: a certain economic model has already been formed in the country, which cannot be quickly changed. Thus, competition for the role of “locomotive” is not particularly needed.

React in The Ukrainian IT Market

Frankly speaking, the React framework is very popular among Ukrainian developers. They prefer this framework because of its easy and fast learning curve and amazing tools that help to create fantastic and feature-rich applications and websites.

React (or ReactJS) is a JavaScript library that can be used in development to quickly create mobile and web applications. First introduced in 2013 as a development product by Facebook, React is currently being developed and supported by both Facebook and Instagram and an active developer community.

Initially, the React library was intended only for building websites. However, with the release of the React Native framework in 2015, the use of React became possible in mobile development for the iOs and Android operating systems.

From the day the React library was released, its popularity, and the popularity of related developer tools, continues to grow. Accordingly, the demand from employers for the skills of a React developer is also growing. When you want to hire dedicated React developers in Ukraine, you should definitely test their hard skills.

Today, among the vacancies from employers, the following requirements are distinguished:

  • Knowledge of HTML5 / CSS3 / SASS;
  • Knowledge of JavaScript;
  • Knowledge of JQuery,
  • Experience with React.JS;
  • Experience with Webpack, Redux;
  • Experience with Git;
  • Knowledge of English is at least Intermediate.

In turn, a React developer can occupy the following positions:

  • Junior / Middle / Senior JavaScript Developer:
  • Junior / Middle / Senior React Native Developer;
  • Junior / Middle / Senior front-end engineer;
  • Junior / Middle / Senior front-end Developer;
  • Junior / Middle / Senior React Developer;
  • Junior / Middle / Senior React front-end Developer;
  • Junior / Middle / Senior Full-stack JS developer;
  • Software Engineer

Besides technical skills, it would be a great plus if the developer cares about his social media life. It means that he is interested in showing his skills and ambitions so that it would be easy for potential employers to find him or her.

A Profile On GitHub

A GitHub profile is probably the most important thing a potential employer will look at after a resume. A profile with several working projects will definitely attract additional attention. Moreover, “GitHub analyzers” are becoming more and more popular among recruiting services – special programs that, using the code stored in GitHub, find for developers with the necessary technology stack.

Oracle Certification

The difference of the Oracle certificate is that it is an official confirmation from the creators of Java that you are fluent in this language. Its availability will be a severe advantage for outsourcing companies. For example, a bank needs to create a new Internet client. It is not profitable for him to maintain his own horde of developers for this – for a one-time project, it is easier to find a team from outside. In such cases, they turn to outsource companies. They will select people with the necessary skills for the bank and form a team.

However, the customer needs to understand that he pays money (and a lot) for brilliant developers. And this is where Oracle certification will be the advantage. Indeed, in fact, this is the only way to confirm the qualifications of a Java programmer with a “piece of paper”. Oracle certifications come in several levels. Getting the first level (OCAJP8) won’t be difficult.

The exam will have questions on a total of 8 topics:

  • Java Basics (variables, packages, main () method, etc.);
  • Working With Java Data Types (primitives, links, wrappers);
  • Using Operators and Decision Constructs (+ – * /, as well as if-else, switch, etc.);
  • Using Loop Constructs (Loops);
  • Working with Methods and Encapsulation (methods, encapsulation);
  • Working with Inheritance (Inheritance);
  • Handling Exceptions;
  • Working with Selected classes from the Java API (Working with several popular classes – LocalDateTime, ArrayList, String).

If you are a developer, you can prepare for the exam using any of the special books; you can find an overview of them on CodeGym. The exam costs $150 today.

Participation In Professional Communities

According to a survey, about half of employers are interested in the participation of potential employees in professional communities. Every fourth employer was able to recall a case when active participation in professional communities helped one of the candidates to get a job from them.

The main ones (besides GitHub, which was mentioned earlier) are “Habrahabr” and StackOverflow. And if it is almost unrealistic to get high karma on Stack for an inexperienced developer, and it is too early to participate in OpenSource projects, then a link to a blog on Habré with several good articles will look very advantageous in a beginner’s resume.

Therefore, if you are sawing some kind of mini-project, do not hesitate to share it with the community. The main thing is to read the rules carefully, and do not forget to pre-search Habr for similar articles. So, that was a list of additional features you can pay attention to. It is really not difficult to find a good React developer or a team of developers in Ukraine.

What is more, you need to know, React developers can be different. Figure out whom you exactly are looking for. To help you with this, there is a list of the most popular React developer professions in Ukraine. In addition to this, I also pointed out the salary of each position. In such a way, you may know how much money you need to pay.

1. Information Security Engineer

Cybersecurity professionals are highly valued. An information security engineer is someone who cares about the security of users of a particular software product: site, application, or network. Every company that wants to work in the international market needs such a specialist.

The average salary of such a specialist is $131,000 a year. In Ukraine, the salary of an information security engineer starts at $1,500 per month, with an average of $2,400. Such salaries apply to middle-aged professionals who have been working for more than three years.

2. DevOps Engineer

A DevOps engineer is someone who develops a product and participates in the management of operational processes. He can be called a semi-programmer, a semi-manager, because he identifies the customer’s business problems, automates the product life cycle, including design, development, testing, support, and monitoring.

DevOps’ task is to make the product development process as fast, high-quality, and comfortable as possible for developers. The average salary of such a specialist on the international market is 137,400 dollars a year, and in Ukraine – 2,500 dollars a month.

3. Senior QA And QA Tech Lead

QA or Quality Assurance specialist is an experienced tester who is responsible for the quality of the team’s work. In other words, he or she checks the results of the developers. QA is responsible for the quality of the product at all stages of development, and the result of the work of the whole company depends on how carefully the task is performed.

Senior QA is a tester with at least 5 years of experience, and in Ukraine, he receives an average of $2,500 per month. He is immediately followed by QA Tech Lead – the head of the team of testers, whose average salary in Ukraine is $3,000 per month.

4. Team Lead

The Team Lead is the leader of the development team. His or her responsibilities combine the functions of manager and developer. The main task of the team leader is to make his team produce the best possible results, promote the development of their subordinates, motivate them, and monitor the solution of the business problems of the client.

He becomes an experienced programmer who usually has three years of experience and wants to try himself in a managerial position. Still, the average experience of such specialists in Ukraine is 7 years. The average salary of such a specialist in Ukraine is $3,200 per month.

5. Senior SE

Senior Software Engineer is a developer with more than 6 years of experience. If in 5 years, the programmer has decided not to try himself in the role of a manager but continues to develop products and services – he is Senior SE. As the IT sector itself is quite young, there are the fewest such specialists on the market, so they are especially valued. The average salary in Ukraine for such programmers is $3,500 a month.

6. Program Manager

Program Manager is a managerial position in an IT company that involves the development of strategic goals and coordination of teams and projects within the company. You can grow into a program manager from a developer or team, as well as from other positions, but experience as a Project Manager is required. The average salary of a program manager in Ukraine is $3,700 per month. On average, these are managers with more than ten years of experience in the company.

7. Technical Lead

This is the manager-developer with over eight years of experience who is responsible for the company’s development strategy in the technical sphere.


To sum everything up, Ukrainian React developers can be employees of your dreams. They have tremendous potential, and the quality of their work is really on a high level. Besides, they are not so expensive as, for example, developers from the United States or from Europe. Good luck in hiring the best React developers from Ukraine!

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