How To Promote Your Travel Business To Millennials

All across the world, there’s a phenomenal movement that’s taking place. It’s the ability for one to travel and explore. This kind of access to the world was unprecedented. A few decades back, if you asked someone what their travel history was like, they’d give you a shortlist of good memories.

Now, people go to Barbados and Rjackevic like it’s a casual appointment. If you have a travel business, there are so many avenues to get in on this trend. Although many industries, travel included, are part of a shifting tide, there’s no foreseeable detracting from the fast and the beautiful momentum of the travel industry.

You might be new in this business. You might be looking to expand and change with the times. Either way, your biggest cash-generating demographic is going to be millennials. But why market to them? How? What’s the advantage?

Isn’t the retiree demographic the most sensible group to appeal to? Here, we’ll explore how and why you and your business needs to corner the Millennial market and why they hold more value than any other demographic.

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Pitch Experiences

Millennials travel for very different reasons than older people. They’re not there so much to relax and let the experience wash over them as they are ready to attack the day. Millennials like to fit as much of an activity as humanly possible. It’s the spirit of youth still present playing out with deeper pockets. Because of this, you have to stray away from travel “packages” and start pitching “experiences”.

How they differ is negligible. If you look at current millennial travel data, they’re more willing to go out on their own and find an “adventure” organically. Because of this, package deals and pre-set itineraries are less and less popular, having been taken over by expert guides and more “go with the flow” set of possible activities.

Mind you, on your end—the business owner’s end, it is the same thing. You’re still offering packages, but wrapped in the story of an expert guide. This guide doesn’t have a particular standard look, so to say. But the same set of data implies that a younger local individual, preferable female, tends to have much better numbers than their older male counterparts.

Social Media

No travel article is complete without mentioning social media. Social media is, by all accounts, the primary reason millennials are so willing to spend money on a trip. It’s a global level of one-upmanship. Not to say that your average individual is going to pay out for a yacht experience in the Amalfi Coast.

But it’s more likely now than ever before that one would set that as a goal specifically for a social media post. Presenting that same energy of “an experience” on social media often involves heavy editing and great camerawork.

Fortunately for us, that’s a dime a dozen these days. Hire a group of professional actors or simply contract someone to capture footage while they travel. Couples and majestic experiences with animals and landscapes are the biggest eye-catchers. That’s evident by the Instagram and TikTok data relating to how long someone stays on a post.

It’s even more evident by the “Malaysia Truly Asia” media campaign. Their use of social media and targeted CNN advertisements drove tourism through the roof. In short, everyone knows how a travel account looks. That is the general theme and feel you’re going to want to stick to. What separates you from the rest is the kind of experience and the style of editing you can portray.

Authenticity And Culture

Millennials aren’t the young teens and early twenty-something that we all still think they are. They’re in their thirties and forties. They have money. They have families and responsibilities like the rest of us.

What separates the millennial from the other demographics, especially in terms of travel, is a willingness to take a deeper dive into cultures. When you market your travel business, highlighting the cultures of the people they’ll be interacting with is a major motivator.

For instance, if you have a client base that’s interested in going to Central Philippines, playing up the historical significance in a well designed, interesting manner will only help. Surat script and local dialectical phrases add a touch of authenticity to any marketing campaign.

The surf culture of the Eastern Islands like Siargao and the local mores are all points to market. The name of the game with millennials is authenticity. The more authentic you can be, the bigger of a hit you’ll make.

Good Deals

Regardless of how a social media account looks, millennials are still looking for a good deal. It may be difficult given the months that one has to recuperate from, but an attractive price behind the authentic banner is a perfect combination.

The collective feeling, especially during difficult and trying times, is to find a way to get out and deplore the world. Millennials love finding ourselves in the most unexpected places—for a good price. Remember, because millennials are now older and have their responsibilities, they might have the less financial leeway to spend on a vacation.

Aim for the middle price-point. Where Generation Z looks to share bathrooms and bunks and Boomers will pay top dollar for the best service, Millenials are the Goldilocks of the group in terms of pricing. Price too low and they might not feel safe. Price too high and they’ll disregard it. Price things just right and you’ll get the customers pouring in.

Take away all the stereotypical notions of the millennial right now. They’re not the spoiled, self-absorbed, irresponsible group that half a decade of media attention led you to believe. They’re children of the children of the ’60s. They’re the new movers and shakers, occupying the majority of middle and upper-middle management.

They’re the generation hungry for experience and authenticity while keeping their feet as close to the ground as they can. Honestly, Millenials are a lot like baby boomers. There’s a level of care and energy that’s very similar. Because of this, one has to keep the sensibilities that those previous generations grew up with while, at the same time wrapping it in a shiny, well-edited promo.

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