How To Get A Job At Apple: An Insider’s Guide [Infographic]

People who love what they do for a living are much happier in life than people who don’t. It’s a known fact. With as many hours as we all work each day, it’s difficult to hate your job and then go home and instantly turn on the happiness. Both of those things are intertwined, and finding a job (or even starting a company) where you can do something you are passionate about makes all the difference in the world. For some people, that might mean they want to get a job at Apple.

So how does a person get a job at Apple? I’ll breakdown jobs at Apple into 3 different tiers for simplicity. First, there are those people who work for Apple Corporate. Second, there are those independent consultants who are part of Apple’s ACN (Apple Consultants Network) program (which isn’t technically working for Apple but still very connected). And last but not least, there are those people who work in the Apple Store at the mall.

If you decide you want to get a job at Apple, you first have to decide which one of these you want to be associated with. My consulting company in Atlanta is an Apple ACN, and I’ve enjoyed many perks from that. However, it requires a lot of studying and passing technical tests. There are also fees involved with that aspect of working with Apple. For me, the benefits (financially and otherwise) far outweigh what you have to do to get in the program, so it’s worth it.

If you decide you want to get a job at Apple via the Apple Store in the mall, this infographic might help. It’s called The Insider’s Guide To Getting A Job At Apple (by, and it will go through what is involved with getting a job at Apple. Good luck!

How To Get A Job At Apple

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