Study Shows To Reach Success Work Happier Not Harder [Infographic]

A lot of people have an opinion about the time and priorities I incorporate into my work. Some even flat out condemn the way that I approach things, which is of course fine with me. Everyone is not the same, and neither viewpoint is right or wrong. The only thing that separates people’s opinions is the end result really, if you know what I mean. A recent study shows that it’s better to work happier than to work harder, and in a way I have to agree with that.

Personally I like the end result to be as close to the envisioned objective as possible. Some people don’t agree with this way of doing things and instead are dead set on keeping everything as strict and tight as humanly possible. Again, neither is either right or wrong, it’s just a personal preference.

In many ways working harder can be a winning concept since working harder means not giving up when obstacles seem to be daunting. Working harder can also have a negative effect in the end since if you have a grouchy, negative and complaining personality, everyone around you will take notice. You will have a harder time pulling people into your own work zone. You can chum up success much faster collaboratively. This study shows that if you work happier (take note – that doesn’t mean not working at all), things can go from long hours to success much faster than you could ever imagine.

So what exactly does working happier versus working harder do to your success? Well, when you look at an infographic called Happiness & Career Success (presented by Happiness), which is based on what the particular study shows, it’s evident that this is something to take into consideration when working for success. Some people love to work (yup, I am one of them) and happiness is a vital part of my life philosophy, so maybe that makes for a better chance altogether to succeed, who knows.

If you’re working long hours and feel grumpy due to the energy you put down, it could make the adventure and journey a lot less enjoyable and longer before you actually reach what you define as success. This study shows an interesting perspective, and I think we can all learn something from this infographic. Some people close their eyes entirely to happiness, which make them a whole lot harder to work with. Are you one of them? Maybe it’s time to stretch those smile muscles of yours and get a different perspective about the harmony between work and life.

 Study Shows Working Happier Is Better Than Working Harder

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Study Shows Work Happier Infographic

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