Here Is How To Improve Your Online Money Making Skills In 2019

Online moneymaking is pretty much everything nowadays. From e-commerce, home-based businesses and online retailing to making their way into freelancing, youngsters have access to a wide variety of platforms and opportunities to try their luck with earning money. If you are looking to earn more than your 9-5 regular job, we have great ideas for you.

There are several skills and traits that don’t necessarily require a degree – but instead your time and dedication. You will not only see a shift in your knowledge but also a positive effect on your personal life. Read on below to find out some incredible skills that will help you make more money in 2019. Also, find out how you can improve and master each skill.

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1. Computer Programming

Computer programming or software coding is one most top-rated skills of the 21st century. Besides being high in demand, it is also one of the top-paid professions. To learn this skill, you can enroll yourself in various computer-related courses at Coursera and Udemy. Therefore, with practice and time, you will learn to code in a relatively short period. To find jobs online, start working at platforms like Fiverr and Upwork to establish a career, and earn money.

2. Digital Marketing

Almost every business nowadays require digital marketing either since all their content is online or on social media. This is the reason why companies look for candidates that not just have a knack for marketing but can also utilize the digital aspect of technology alongside.

To learn this skill, you can enroll in the Google Analytics Academy to improve your digital marketing and data gathering skills. Other than that, keep following different social media platforms, their trends, and the type of content that people love to read and see. Once you think you’re good enough, find online jobs, and serve clients worldwide.

3. Entrepreneurship

If you’re looking to start your own part-time business, then an Entrepreneurship certification will help you get started. Many universities offer online courses at Coursera that last for 6-8 months depending on the course outline. These consist of credits, online classes, and exams like regular universities. The prices vary per credit.

In case if you cannot pay, they provide financial aid and funds too. During this period, you will learn to manage your own business, handle investment and funds, create a business scheme, and to market your business online.

Whether you want to start with food, retail, apparel, or supplying products, these skills will come in very useful for your career establishment.  According to a survey, more than 30% of Chinese suppliers and retailers are skillfully trained through these courses instead of a regular degree program.

4. Budgeting

Budgeting or managing your company’s finance is a challenging task. Many businesses look for professionals with tons of experience and exposure in the respective field. As technology has replaced most of the paperwork, almost all companies handle their financial accounts online. To have strong control over this field, we recommend joining Penn Foster’s bookkeeping courses that teach you everything about budgeting and finance in a period of five months.

Also, you can also take up basic Ms Excel courses to bolster your Excel skills – which are a prerequisite in almost all finance-related jobs. With a strong skill set, you can be hired remotely at any online firm and start earning!

5. Project Management

Project Management skills are required in almost every field – not just Tech. Whether its health care, education, automotive, agriculture, logistics, or even retail, project managers are hired everywhere, courtesy to the digital world, we live in.

In order to increase your skillset, or scale up your salary, this Project Management certification at Udemy is everything you need right now. It takes up to 35 hours to polish your expertise and land you an online job.

6. Clothing Design And Tailoring

Clothing businesses generate a 20% revenue out of all the industries every year. If you have a knack for designing and dressmaking, then you don’t really need a formal education at all! This online Dressmaking and Design Program at Penn Foster’s gives a complete grounding in fashion design and tailoring in just seven months.

Through this course, you can learn basic stitching, doing alterations, designing clothes, and learning to pair them up with various accessories – all-online in the comfort of your home. This will then power up your money skills for as low as $600.

Regardless of whatever skill you acquire, one must always have the curiosity to explore and learn more. Instead of just focusing on making money, you should push yourself in self-development and self-investment so you can gain more opportunities for yourself.

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