How To Write Killer Google Ad Copy In 2020

If you are a business owner who is aiming for growth, then it is only right that you focus on one of the most important marketing channels, which is Google. Google ad copy is really an excellent way to increase your sales. With billions of online searches done every month, it is an excellent place to find your customers.

Creating a Google ad copy is not that hard. However, it is essential that you do it right. Since you are only given a limited number of characters on search engine results, you have to make them count. You’ll want to make your point as soon as possible.

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So what will be the most important things to consider in making a Google Ad that will stand out in 2020? Below are some tips on how to get that ideal click from your potential customers in the coming year.

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Speak Directly To Your Customers

When it comes to Google ads, you should focus on your customers. Instead of writing about your business, write about your customers and what they need. What are they looking for? What will they get out of your product or service? Think also about who they are. Are they mothers, fathers, teachers, or teenagers? It is vital that you know who your audiences are and what they need for you to create ads that will appeal to them.

Remember that you have competitors. You’ll notice that they are going for the same keyword, and they usually say the same thing about their product or service. If you go along with them, it’s easy to be lost on the process, and you’ll most likely reduce your chances of getting that click.

Make it a goal to stand out. The only way to do this is not to lose sight of what your customers are really looking for, what your customers want to accomplish with the help of your service or product. It is vital that you truly understand your customers before you create an ad that will set you apart from the rest.

Consider The Power Of Words Into Your Ad Copy

Your choice of keywords and its placement is crucial. You don’t want to bore your potential customers with dull and uninteresting words. Aim to have a substantial impact on the use of power words that will surely catch the interest of your audience. What are power words? These are words that get the attention of your audience and eventually will make them engage in your content.

The leading power words you can use are “you” and “your.”  Seeing these words will make your audience feel that you are talking directly to them and that you are directed towards getting solutions about their needs. A title that says, “Are you tired of your acne?” is more interesting than, “We are experts at treating acne.”

When you use “we,” it tells more about your business. Using “you” or “your,” on the other hand, sends out a message that the focus of your ad is to your customers. Focusing on your audience is essential to make your add attract more customers. It’s more effective in triggering emotions and curiosity; therefore, they’ll click on your ad to find out what it is.

Remember that your ad is your first interaction with your new customers, so make sure that this interaction will be valuable. If you are making your ad copy, always think about how you can focus on your customers.

Whenever you are tempted to use “we” find ways on how you can rewrite it by using “you.” Also, consider your titles and description to be engaging and intriguing that will send out an emotional impulse to customers to click on your ad.

Testing Your Ads

You can find a lot of tactics and pieces of advice on creating the most effective Google Ad copy for a different kind of business. But the best tip is to test and test and test again. Do not consider your first ad to be your best. Experts recommend that you create three versions of your Ad copy test all three.

One version should contain information on how customers will benefit from your service or product. The second version should focus on the type of solutions you’ll provide to your customers. The last version should be something completely different from the first two, be creative. Running these three on AdWords will make you see which will perform the best.

You’ll also learn the type of Ad that speaks best to your audience. During the testing process, make sure you track the metrics so you can measure your return of investment as well as to know the success rate. Testing is critical to see if you are putting the best ad for your business. You need to know which gets the best results.

Google ad copy is valuable to your business to acquire new leads. If your ad is engaging and creative, the audience will likely click on your ad and check out your product or service. It can only be effective if your ad is clear and persuasive. Writing an ad that will stand out requires time and effort. Trials and errors are part of it, so don’t get discouraged, just keep on experimenting.

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