How To Write Product Description That Converts

Managing to sell products online successfully requires a mix of details that, if taken into account, could provide lasting results. One of the main requirements to do it effectively has to do with high converting e-commerce product descriptions. Most of the beginners tend to exaggerate with it, which leads them to scare clients instead of convincing them to buy. Because of that, it’s imperative that we provide a few insights on how to write optimal, high-converting product descriptions.

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Focusing On Product Benefits

People visit your e-commerce website in order to buy something, not to read long stories in the product description. They must understand that you provide real value for money, and you can help them with that respect by focusing on the most important aspects of the product and its benefits. What makes your products special? Why should someone buy from you and not from another online store? What kind of benefits does the product provide? The product description should answer these questions in a compressed way.

The Rule Of Three “S”

By this, we mean short words, short sentences, and short paragraphs. The rule comes from the marketing and advertising legend David Ogilvy and dates back from 1982 when he sent an internal menu to all of his employees called “How to Write.” Get to the point, and don’t waste your customer’s time. Leave the sophisticated marketing jargon, wordiness, or any unnecessary language aside, and try to figure out how can you provide just what the client needs in a short and accurate text.

Target Audience Efficiently

In order to write the best product descriptions, you must know what kind of people might be interested in buying. Age, geographical location, personal interests, gender, etc. are just a few of the variables that must be taken into account. Whether you want to pay for advertising or simply want to develop a long-term SEO strategy to generate organic traffic, make sure you are fully aware of what kind of people you’re supposed to target.

Words That Sell

Did you know that words can spark emotional reactions in humans? Well, that’s why many successful online stores are very careful about what kind of language they use. By examining some high-converting product descriptions, we can quickly notice a lot of positivity. Also, words such as “amazing,” “courage,” “happy,” “wonderful,” and others are widespread. Some people call them “power words that sell,” and when used appropriately, these words could provide additional leverage to your selling capabilities.

Some Final Words…

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