Improving The Attendance Of Your Conference

The worst thing which can happen when organizing a conference is having only a dozen people turn up at the venue. This number can further decrease after the first lunch or coffee break as nobody wants to attend an event which is not popular with his or her peers.

To stop this from happening you have to take some decisive steps before the conference has even begun because waiting for it to start and then trying to solve the problem would be impossible. Just think about this example: would a struggling website which is not getting enough traffic to wait until it almost drops to obscurity to improve its chances of survival? Probably not, as they would immediately involve a company such as this seo agency to address their problem before it becomes unmanageable.

This goes double if this is your first conference and you are trying to impress your competitors. Having large numbers of people at your initial conference improves your image and standing amongst your competitors and gives you a better chance of attracting new clients.

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Invite Established Keynote Speakers

A good keynote speaker can be the difference between a mediocre and excellent conference. Choosing an established keynote speaker in the field of your expertise will have a massive effect on the number of people who will express an interest in your conference.

And if you thought that finding a quality keynote speaker would require you to have an extensive network of connections, you should think again. A good network will always help, there’s no arguing there, but even if you have never ever hosted an event and you are an absolute beginner in the field of organizing conferences, there are people who can help.

There are special websites and companies which have a full list of professional keynote speakers for any given subject area. So whether you are looking for communication, healthcare, inspirational, or corporate culture speakers, they have got you covered.

Organize A Lottery After The Conference

Another popular thing the lots of conference organizers seem to have started doing is organizing lotteries after the event has finished. These boost their attendance numbers through the roof as who wouldn’t want a free trip to a holiday resort or a brand new tablet. Lots of people would even pay money to enter such a conference and that is another factor which you should consider.

Arranging the lottery awards can also be quite easy. If you have a business partner of any kind, you can probably come up with a prize that they can provide at a considerable discount. If they are a restaurant, it can be a dinner for two; if they are an educational institution it can be a one month course; if it is a travel agency, the options are absolutely limitless.

Give Out Vouchers Instead Of Free Samples

This is definitely our favorite. Many conference organizers give out free samples of whatever it is they are dealing in during the conference, so why not turn those free samples into purchasable products.

People love the feeling of striking a good deal, so making them feel like they have obtained some value from attending your conference will go a long way. You would have given those samples for free anyway.

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