Job Search In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence – 5 Practical Tips

If you have taken part in any sort of job hunt recently, then chances are you will have run into some sort of artificial intelligence along the way. As technology and AI advances, more and more companies are now beginning to use AI as part of their recruitment process.

AI can now be used by companies in a number of different ways. “Some companies may require you to have an initial interview with a chat-bot, while others may get you to send you a pre-recorded video that will be assessed”, says an expert who wrote best online resume services reviews. Many companies will now head hunt using AI as well. They will use AI to find out the best potential employees on the internet and also to filter through CVs.

While all of this can seem quite daunting, there is plenty you can do to not just ease your nerves but also to take advantage of this emerging technology yourself. Let’s take a look at five useful tips for dealing with AI when it comes to job searching.

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Get The Basics Right

When people are being interviewed by AI, they tend to focus solely on that element of the interview. While it is certainly advisable that you prepare for the unique challenges that this kind of interview presents, it is also very important that you don’t forget to do the basics right.

You should still follow the exact same steps you would otherwise follow for a normal interview. This includes doing all of your research on the company, preparing some questions for the interviewer, and of course, dressing to impress. Just because there is not another person on the other end of the interview, doesn’t mean you should get lazy and treat it any differently.

Don’t Forget To Smile

While there may not be another human being at the end of the line, a lot of AI bots are programmed to notice gestures, and as such, it is useful to make sure you present yourself properly.

You can run practices by yourself by recording your reactions and your speech. You may notice certain patterns or specific things that you do that you need to improve. It is difficult to know what an exact piece of AI is programmed to look for, so it is best to cover all of your bases.

If you pass the AI stage, you are likely to then have to take a human interview. In this case, doing all of these things with an AI will turn out to be very good practice. There is also the possibility that your AI interview is recorded, so you should make sure you are looking your best.

Make Sure You Use Keywords In Your CV Or Resume

Many companies will now use AI to filter through all of the job applications that they receive. This means that you should make sure you do the adequate amount of research for the job you are applying to and make sure your CV features a range of different keywords and phrases.

If, for example, you are applying for a job about digital marketing, be sure to have keywords like SEO sprinkled throughout your CV and your cover letter. It is important, however, to remember that once you have passed through the AI, your text is going to be read by a human. As such, make sure that everything on there sounds natural and that you haven’t just thrown together badly written text to satisfy an algorithm.

Have A Public Online Presence

A lot of online recruitment agencies these days will use their AI to scour the web and find the best and brightest potential employees. If you want your profiles to be discovered and you want to be that lucky person who gets a random e-mail one day from a recruiter asking them if they want the job of their dreams, then you are going to need to make sure you have a good public presence online.

Many people have glowing CVs and an excellent online presence, but they often have their security settings set to private. While this is a good idea for personal accounts, it can also be a good idea to have an account that is tailored towards the professional life that allows you to engage digitally with companies. This will allow bots and AI to find your profile and show it to the relevant employers.

Keeping a professional presence online is key to advancing your carer in the modern world. Don’t rule yourself out of it by having private settings.

Be A Human

One of the easiest things that people can forget to do when they are faced with AI is to just act like a normal human being. People can lose their own focus and begin to act somewhat like a robot themselves.

It is important that, whether it is a video interview or a questionnaire with a bot, you still continue to act naturally. Your stuff will be seen by a human eventually, and you don’t want to put yourself in a difficult position by trying to trick the AI and then being faced with a real person at the end of it.

While the job market and the way we hire people are changing, the fundamentals are never going to. People still want to hire professional and decent people, so don’t let AI stop you from being who you are.

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