Kamala Harris Charge-Off From 2024 Election, The Fight To Stay In The Fray

It is hard to overstate the importance of the Biden remark. It was not a slip of the tongue. At a Democratic debate in Houston, Biden said: “I’ve been doing this for my entire adult life. I know Kamala Harris, Senator Harris, very well and she’s brilliant and she’s dedicated and she’s tough, and I expect her to be on that stage. And if I were you, I’d get used to it – Kamala Harris is coming to shake things up.

Biden was signaling that he expects Harris will continue to be a prominent presence during the presidential primaries. But Biden wasn’t the only one making mistakes with names in recent weeks.

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Responding to alarming stories that her political fortunes are dwindling, Harris is revamping his staff and reorienting his message in what one report suggested is a step to “advance the public image and re-establish her political views, after her first year in power. Even some of her allies say that expectations have not been met“.

As per this website, Harris is on a mission to revive a career that peaked briefly in the Oval Office but was later abandoned and turned slow down.

On 13th January 2022, Harris again welcomed criticism of her 2024 political collapse, calling it “high-profile gossip” and saying she was just busy with her current affairs.

It’s part of the experts and gossip in places like Washington, DC. Let me tell you something. We’re focusing on what’s in front of us. We’re focused on what’s going on. What we need to do to solve problems like affordable prices“, she told NBC.

Pressed about whether she would get the 2024 Democratic ticket, Harris countered, “The Americans sent us here to do a job. And right now, there’s a lot of work to do. And that is my goal. Indeed.” However, she didn’t comment on the Biden administration’s position on the cryptocurrency regulations.

Suggestions and speculation that Harris might be or should be kicked out of 2024 as a democratic ticket has appeared all over the media. Thomas Friedman, columnist for the NYT, citing solidarity efforts in Israel, offered Joe BidenLiz Cheney or Joe BidenLisa Murkowski (Both Cheney and Murkowski are skeptical average Republicans. Trump), although he also added the risk of Kamala Harris Mitt Romney in this combination.

Harris’ defenders insist that she has received a rough hand rooted in racism and sexism from a male-dominated organization, not used to seeing a girl with energy. Harris privately informed her allies that she was set to fail. Earlier in January 2022, Harris hit the headlines again with Biden, seeking help on the voting rights bill.

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