Keeping Your Industrial Premises Secure From Intruders

For any business, the potential for intruders poses a threat both to the safety and security of your industrial premises, staff, and the protection of the goods inside the site. Industrial units and warehouses are unfortunately big targets for thieves who are aware of the potential for high-value stock, machinery, and equipment to be stored inside.

Being broken into is damaging for any business and costly. So, it is important to consider place preventative measures in place to reduce the risk of intruders and theft. Here is what Europe’s leading supplier of doors, Hormann, suggests.

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Install Secure Industrial Doors

Industrial doors can provide a wealth of security to your industrial premises. Many have been designed with strength and durability in mind, often with automated control, allowing only those with permission, access. Industrial doors are typically made using strong materials like steel or aluminum. These industrial doors will act as the first line of defense in preventing an intruder from making their way into your building.

Options for secure industrial doors:

  • Industrial sectional doors
  • High-speed doors
  • Rolling shutters and rolling grilles
  • Collective garage doors
  • Fire sliding doors
  • Sliding gates

Perimeter Security Systems

To further enhance your property’s security, you could consider installing some perimeter security systems such as:

  • Bollards
  • High-security barriers
  • Entrance gates

These will work as an additional barrier to intruders who will have to pass through these to make entry onto the land around your industrial building or warehouse. Bollards and high-security gates and barriers will also be perfect for controlling the traffic entering the property, ensuring no unauthorized vehicles gain access. These security systems can also be controlled through radio and electronically automated systems – creating a complete security system.

Have Regular Industrial Door Services

After you have installed your industrial doors and security systems, it is very important these are serviced and maintain annually. This will ensure the automation of these doors is working as it should be, they are safe to operate, and do not require any repairs. A door that may be malfunctioning could potentially reduce the security features and make it easier for intruders to access the building. Do not compromise your security – a simple service could save you from a burglary or site intrusion.

Install Alarms And Surveillance

Other sure-fire ways to protect your industrial premises from theft and intruders is to install alarms and surveillance cameras. Both are designed for this particular purpose.

Burglar alarms offer a basic element of security. Alerting you to the detection of an intrusion into your building. These will act perfectly as a deterrent, scaring away potential burglars before they attempt to commit any crime. These installed alongside sturdy industrial doors will certainly increase your site’s security.

Other security features could include motion sensors, security lighting, and security guards.

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